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How to Dominate Halloween on a Budget

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Halloween is such an exciting time of the year. For one night you get to dress however you want and not be judged for it. You can finally wear the outfits you’ve been too afraid to try on the other 364 days of the year. But while it is such an exciting day, it can also be a very expensive day. In fact, Halloween is the second largest consumer spending holiday after Christmas. Yikes! Between the parties, the costumes, and the candy, the prices really rack up. However, have no fear because here is how you can still dominate Halloween on a budget.


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Don’t Throw a Party

In the end, it will always be cheaper to go to other people’s Halloween parties. That is money you do not have to spend on decorations, snacks, drinks, etc. You still get to see all of your friends and have a fun time without the hassle of you throwing the party. Now, of course, you could bring a gift as your contribution. However, that is still so much cheaper than you throwing the party yourself. Plus, you don’t have to do the major cleaning up once the party is over.

But If you Cave and Throw a Party…

If you do cave though and absolutely must throw a Halloween party, there are still ways to do Halloween on a budget. For one, try to make the decorations yourself instead of going out buying some. Pinterest has a ton of suggestions on cute DIY Halloween decorations you can create with things you probably have in the house. Creating the decorations, yourself saves you money and is just a fun craft time. Now if you are not a craft person whatsoever (I’m not either so no worries) then Amazon has some very cheap yet awesome Halloween decorations. You could have these DC-BEAUTIFUL Halloween Bloody Handprint Footprint Horrible Window Stickers, 10 Sheets Halloween Decoration Clings for Window Wall Floor Glass Bathroom Outdoor Indoor Halloween Party!  So Amazon has always got your back. Plus, if you are a Prime member, you can get the decorations even sooner at a cheaper price!

When it comes to drinks and food, try to keep it simple. Once again Pinterest has some great suggestions on easy finger food. For the drink, you can never go wrong with a punch of some sorts. Punches are easy, typically cheap, and almost always delicious!

A suggestion I always have when throwing a party, no matter the occasion, is to replace the toilet paper with the cheapest one you can find. You may not think about it but toilet paper is kind of costly and when throwing a party, you can go throw rolls like wildfire. So I would suggest scooping up the cheaper brands and switching them out before the party. I actually wrote an article about how to throw an amazing social gathering (Top 5 Ways to Throw an Amazing Social Gathering). You should check it out to see other tips on how to save money when throwing a social gathering.

Wardrobe Diving

Now the costume is the other costly part of Halloween. No worries though because you can still get an amazing costume and still do Halloween on a budget. In fact, the first place you should look is your closet. Go through and see if there are items you can match up to create an awesome costume. It would save you so much money if all you had to get were some accessories to really round out the outfit. Plus, it is kind of fun seeing the power of your clothes and all they are capable of. I always buy clothes with the intention of them being used in more than one way. So why not be useful during Halloween?

Thrift Stores

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If you can’t find anything in your closet, go look at your closest thrift store. You can always find some hidden gems in a thrift shop. Going to a thrift shop is perfect too if you have no idea what you want your costume to be. You can wander around and I guarantee you will formulate some costume idea. Not going to lie though, some of the clothes I found for my costume at thrift shops ended up being worn in a different outfit. Told you I buy multi-purposed clothes.

Costume Swap

If you happen to strike out on both the thrift shop and your closet, you can always swap costumes with a friend. If you both have a costume you previously bought, why not just exchange it? That would be completely free and kind of fun. Or if you do not have a costume you have bought to exchange, you could always dress the same and go as twins. Once again you are accessing your wardrobe and them theirs so that you have an awesome costume for free!

Put a Bucket of Candy Out

The last item that seems to always cost the most is candy. Even though you are probably going out, you still have to pass out candy. Well, you don’t have to pass out candy (it wouldn’t cost you anything) but if you are one to pass out candy, you can still do it and keep Halloween on a budget. Instead of passing candy out all night, just put a bucket out. While it breaks my heart to even type that, it will save you so much money in the end. If you are anything like me, you buy 10 million bags of candy at the store because you want each and every kid to have candy and don’t want to disappoint anyone that comes to the door. Well if you just leave a bucket of candy out, the kids have to self-regulate and you won’t have to see the faces of disappointment when you run out. This way you can buy a set amount of candy and hope for the best out there. Plus, you don’t have to hang around all night passing out candy.

So these are just a few tips on how you can dominate Halloween on a budget. It may be hard to reign it in because it is a fun holiday but you definitely got this! Happy Halloween!



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DC-BEAUTIFUL Halloween Bloody Handprint Footprint Horrible Window Stickers, 10 Sheets Halloween Decoration Clings for Window Wall Floor Glass Bathroom Outdoor Indoor Halloween Party

Halloween is such an exciting time of the year. But while it is exciting, it can also be a very expensive. Here's how to dominate Halloween on a budget.

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