How My Spirituality Shaped Who I Am Today

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How My Spirituality Shaped Who I Am Today fb

I was raised in a Christian household. Although I do not attend church regularly today, I feel that my faith and personal spirituality helped me through some hard times, and thus shaped who I am today. I think people often forget what the true meaning of faith is. Faith is believing in something whole-hardheartedly without having any proof of its existence. While I think there are many people who have faith, many of those people do not consider themselves to be religious or spiritual. I believe my faith growing up has really helped shape who I am today in many ways.

Regardless of the stories, it’s the moral that counts 

Growing up reading the bible as a child, I loved hearing the stories. I read them all the time and recall many of them to this day.  As I got older and headed off to college, I had the option on wclimbing stairs to get to the doorhether I wanted to continue my faith or not.I ran into many doubts about my faith. I learned about other religions and began to wonder, which was was the “right” one. I found myself confused and lost in my spirituality, until I took a school trip to a Navajo reservation my junior year in college. We camped out for two weeks and immersed ourselves in the Navajo traditions. One of the women talked about the Navajo spirituality and how many of the Navajos on the reservation also practiced Christianity. I remember someone asking how they could be okay practicing two religions. And she responded by talking about the story of Babel.

For those who have never heard this story, to sum it up, up until this point in time in the Bible, everyone spoke one language. To make a long story short, the people began to make a ladder to heaven using man-made materials in order to make a name for themselves. Once God realized what they were doing, he changed their once united tongues so that they spoke different languages and were no longer able to understand one another. Therefore they could not finish the bridge to heaven.

She explained that the differences that we see in different religions is simply the different way we interpret them. But at the end of the day, the morals are all the same. We all worship only one God. We just change some of the insignificant details along the way. This story she told seriously shaped me, and strengthened my once lost faith from that day forward.

A faithful thought goes a long way

Another way my faith has shaped me is in my ability to believe in many things that others simply cannot see. I believe that we can wish anything into our lives whether it be positive or negative. And I believe that this unweildering faith has led me right to where I am today. I also know that it will continue to point me in a direction that I want to be. While I have written many articles about this topic, one that I always like to mention is how I met my boyfriend. I wished for him a few months before I met him. I wrote out a list of traits I would want in a boyfriend. And I thought positively about this list and believe with all my heart that I would find this guy that fit all of my criteria. I wrote it in my little green notebook and put it away. Six months later, I opened this notebook up again, since I had misplaced it several months before, and to my amazement I read my list of characteristics only to find I was currently dating the exact guy I wished for all those months ago. I knew I would find my dream guy and he came right through my door.

Encouraging yourself with your spirituality

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Lastly, my faith has gotten me through some rough patches. Life is hard. No one will tell you otherwise. But you have to remember you are blessed because there are so many people who have it so much worst than you do. My faith has helped me stay positive during the darkest times when it seems as if there is nothing to look forward to. My faith has been the last driving force in me to keep going when you feel as if there is nothing left. I’ve had my fair share of hardships, but despite them I am still going. I have my faith to thank for that.

As I mentioned earlier, I do not consider myself an avid church-goer, but I do have as strong sense of spirituality and I believe that you have to have strong faith when owning and running a business. These are the ways my spirituality has shaped me to become the person I am today, and I believe that as long as I keep these items in mind, I will always find happiness.

Read more about how my spirituality has changed me.This is my story on how my spirituality shaped me to be the person I am today.

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