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5 Ways To Keep Your Mind Active After Graduation

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So you have the degree, now what? You’ve worked your butt off for four, or more, years for the paper that proclaims your accomplishment. You no longer have to buy expensive textbooks and cram for tests until 3 in the morning. Now you’ll never have to learn another thing again, right? Well, it might not be a bad idea to keep your mind sharp after college. I heard employers like that sort of thing.

Take it from me, the recent graduate, that there’s no better way to spend your time than indulging in developing the mind after you have the degree. Here are my five simple ways that you can still keep your mind sharp after graduation day.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Everyone knows that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. Breaking out the jogging shorts every once in a while or doing some squats helps keep your mind sharp and it actually is proven to make you happier. If you’re stressed about finding the right job after graduation or just need some time to think, exercising is a great way to put everything in perspective. Not only will you look fantastic but you’ll feel it too and believe me, everyone will notice!

Playing Cards Activates Your Brain

playing cards can be good for your mind
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An activity requiring a little less sweat is a fun game of cards. Call you friends over, have some wine, cut up some cheese and call it an appetizer because there’s nothing better than a game of cards. See who can play a better game of poker or blackjack as you spend the night catching up and having fun. I love playing cards because I love being competitive. If there’s a prize involved you know I’m going to win it!

Volunteering Benefits You Too

A surprising but amazing way to keep your mind active after college is to volunteer. Not only are you learning new skills but it looks great on resumes, it improves you mood, and you honestly meet some of the nicest people. Doing something as easy as signing up for a two-hour slot at a Meals A Million Pack-A-Thon, building a house for Habitat for Humanity, or spending some time at a local animal shelter can be so rewarding. A lot of volunteering activities only take a couple hours or day to complete but during that time your brain is fully engaged at the moment.

Smells From Cooking Stimulate The Brain

cooking is very good for your mind
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Get your taste buds ready for this one. The smells released in the process of cooking are shown to actually help memory. I’ve always found that when I’m cooking I feel more alive. I’m trying not to burn things, getting creative on recipes, and sometimes it actually tastes pretty good. Hone your cooking skills after graduation and not only will you have great food to share with friends at a party but your mind will be sharper for the interviews you’re going on. And if you’ve already landed the dream job share some food with your co-workers or better yet, your boss.

Audiobooks Are Great On The Go

My 5th and final tip for keeping your mind active after graduation is one of my favorites: reading! Reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp and your imagination flowing. I’ve recently discovered that’s great for getting audiobooks this summer. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and read or you just don’t have time to pick up a book from the store. Audible is great for a person on the go who wants read the latest books while also living a busy lifestyle.

  • Audible is great for:
  • Traveling to work
  • Road Trips
  • Fighting boredom (like waiting in the doctor’s office or layovers in the airport)
  • While doing other activities (cooking, cleaning, running, etc.)

You can even get it on your phone so anywhere you go you’ll have a great book to listen to. Not only does it have all of the books on your summer reading list, but you get a free audiobook when you sign up for a free 30-day trial. The hard part is figuring out which book to read first.

I love this site because it’s only 14.95 a month and with each month I get a credit for a free audiobook. I found that Audible is great for long car rides to work or for road trip vacations. Recently I flew back home to see my family and Audible was a great resource. It helped me through the tedious delays at the airport. I also really like the feature that if I don’t like the book I picked then I can return it no questions asked. For those on the go this summer I highly recommend getting Audible which has made reading on the go easier than ever. Go out and get a membership to Audible; it will be the best decision you’ve made all summer.

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After graduation don’t just let those smarts go to waste. There’re plenty of ways to keep your mind active after graduation including the 5 fun ways already listed. Sometimes after graduation there’s a lot of down time. Choose to fill that downtime with these 5 fun and easy activities that will keep your social life booming, your endorphins going, and you brain ready to tackle the next chapter in your life.

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