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11 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits You Can Enjoy

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11 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits You Can EnjoyImagine the star-shaped flowers blooming with yellow-pigmentation on the Ylang Ylang tree. Isn’t the description of the flower painting beautiful imagery in your mind? It doesn’t stop there. The aromatic oil extracted from this flora, Ylang Ylang essential oil, has many benefits for its users. For example, it is well known for freeing the mind of negative emotions and relaxing the body. But are these the only Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits?

No! A mini bottle of Ylang Ylang essential oil is a treasure box of gems. The oil has been in used far and wide for centuries for oodles of therapeutic purposes.

Before jumping over the benefits of this natural oil, let’s learn about its background a bit.

Origin of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

The Ylang Ylang tree is native to Molucca Islands, Indonesia. However, it’s also found in other locations in the world like Java, Sumatra, Philippines, Polynesia, Comoro, India, Polynesia, Northeast Australia, and Madagascar.

The oil from Ylang Ylang trees is extracted from its fresh flowers using the steam distillation method. Ylang Ylang essential oil is available in grades one, two, and three—distinguished by the distillation duration. The intensities of scent vary based on this grade. 

So you want to learn about the benefits of Ylang Ylang essential oil? Let’s check out! 

Mental Health Benefits

1. Stress Buster

Stress is part of life. Cheer up your dreary mood by adding Ylang Ylang essential oil into your routine. It’s renowned for its uplifting effects.

If you experience mood swings or frequent stress, this oil can be your best friend. Ylang Ylang essential oil combats depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and sadness, thereby rejuvenating the mind and body.

How does this oil uplift your mood? The main chemical component, germacrene, has natural mind-soothing powers that promote relaxation. Several studies prove it is effective in relieving anxiety and elevating your mood.

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Rejuvenate your stressed-out nervous system by rubbing a little of it on the back of your neck. Or why not add Ylang Ylang bath salts in your bathtub to lift your mood? It will invigorate a calming effect while you soak in your bathtub.

2. Sleep Soundly

Insomnia is another negative sign of a stressful life or a depressed mind. Reclaim your goodnight’s sleep with the help of Ylang Ylang essential oil. No more restless nights and turning over from one side to another in a struggle to doze off. 

Since this exotic oil can help bust stress, it will help you go to bed with a clear mind! Enjoy seven to eight hours of a healthy sleep cycle.

3. Boosts Libido

Another name for this tropical plant is the “flower of love.” Why? 

Traditionally, Ylang Ylang is considered an effective aphrodisiac to improve your libido. Tremendous workload, depression, or pollution can cause a decreased sex drive. The potent soothing and relaxing properties of this oil can intensify romance in the bedroom. 

This is why Indonesians decorate the bed of a newlywed couple with Ylang Ylang flowers. 

You can also put a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil on the bed sheet before going to bed and encourage sensuality between you two. Alternatively, you can buy an aromatherapy diffuser to set the mood.

Physical Benefits

4. Facial Therapy

Ylang Ylang essential oil serves as an excellent skin cleanser. It is a skin-healing powerhouse for those who have oily or combination skin. 

Say goodbye to dull-looking skin when you apply Ylang Ylang oil to your face.  Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the essential oil amplifies the regenerative process of the epidermis. You will notice a reduction in dark spots and pore size with continued use. It also balances sebum production, providing your face the right amount of moisture it needs.

You can have an aromatherapy steam facial at home using this exotic oil. This process cleanses out dirt and bacteria from your skin. Besides, the heat of the steam opens pores. Within some time, you’ll achieve glowing and healthy skin.

Furthermore, its antioxidant properties can reverse the skin’s premature aging signs by fighting off the free radicals. No doubt, this essential oil is a one-stop solution to treat almost all skin conditions!

In fact, considering Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits, many cosmetic brands are producing their skincare products with this natural oil in their formula. You can buy one of these products as a quick fix if you don’t have time for a full DIY facial treatment.

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But wait—there are many more Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits for your skin! Read on further.

5. Alleviates Skin Issues

No doubt, there’s a multitude of Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits for the skin.

Ylang Ylang essential oil also has antibacterial properties because of its geraniol compounds. It acts as a miraculous potion to heal inflammatory skin disorders and kill bacteria.

If you have acne-prone skin, use this oil to balance the oil production on your face. Apply the anti-microbial oil and see the difference for yourself.

Further, buying Ylang Ylang essential oil and applying it to any irritated area can treat eczema. It eases irritation and inflammation of the skin. 

According to research, this organic oil can also prevent a person from getting sepsis and tetanus. Some wounds can turn septic from various bacterial infections, leading to complications if infected by tetanus. This essential oil disinfects wounds and curbs microbial growth.

Basically, the oil will accelerate the healing process of your injuries. Hence, you’ll be less susceptible to any bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

6. Hair Conditioner

Time to ditch all the costly hair conditioners. Why use those chemical-infused products when you have an organic and effective solution? 

Rich in organic components, Ylang Ylang essential oil can offer your hair a much-needed healthy luster. It promotes both hair growth and strength.

Dandruff issues? No worries! This essential oil is again coming to the rescue. Additionally, antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds in the essential oil could help mitigate any scalp-related infections. 

Simply mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil or coconut oil with about 3 drops of the Ylang Ylang oil to prepare your homemade conditioner. Apply from the roots to the end of your hair. No harmful chemicals for your locks anymore! Pamper yourself with this excellent natural oil.

7. Kills Head Lice

Get rid of pesky and itchy head lice with the help of anecdotal properties of the Ylang Ylang oil.

The oil is found to be even more efficient in killing head lice among children without any adverse effects than some shampoos. The oil seeps to the roots and follicles of the hair, eradicating lice and blocking the eggs from attaching to the hair.

A recipe the Ylang Ylang essential oil, coconut oil, and anise oil is undoubtedly a great option to eliminate head lice. 

8. Improves Cardiovascular System

Are you or any of your family members suffering from cardiovascular problems? Ylang Ylang essential oil can be useful for you as well!

The oil can regulate blood circulation and quell high blood pressure. It even holds the potential to lessen the risk of cardiac attack. Add Ylang Ylang oil individually or with a carrier oil in a steamer and inhale to lower blood pressure.

Further, Ylang Ylang boasts sedative qualities that improve your heart rate. For relief, mix this essential oil with a carrier oil and massage the oil to the skin on your chest.

Additional Benefits

9. Green Mosquito Repellent

Ylang Ylang essential oil can be your optimum mosquito control solution too. Surprised? Yes, you read it right. 

This eco-friendly oil is an excellent mosquito repellent that is safe for both the environment and humans. Several studies show that Ylang Ylang oil can protect you from various mosquito species, including Aedes aegypti, Anopheles dirus, and Culex quinquefasciatus.

So, keep your family safe from mosquitoes and the harmful effects of factory manufactured repellents. Spray a concoction of distilled water and two drops of Ylang Ylang oil when you’re outside and you won’t have to worry about bug bites.

10. Wonderful-smelling Perfume

One of the best Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits is using it as a fragrance. Apart from skin and hair products, the distinct and powerful aroma of Ylang Ylang also makes it a popular perfume ingredient. No wonder why it is also known as a “perfume tree.'”

Oil that is rated grade one or two is usually used in creating perfumes. The unique fragrance of Ylang Ylang oil makes it an ideal pick to formulate floral scents. It holds a sophisticated and rich scent note. 

The slightly fruity floral fragrance isn’t just preferred in women’s perfumes but also works as a middle note in men’s range of products. The less potent essential oils of Ylang Ylang are also added as medium-to-base notes in cologne, lotions, and even soaps. 

You can create a DIY perfume blend by thoroughly mixing 15 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil, five drops of Sweet Orange essential oil, and 2 tsp. of Grapeseed carrier oil in a spray bottle. Spray some before heading out and turn several heads with its heavenly smell. 

11. Empowers Self-esteem

Are you tend to have low self-esteem? Time to reverse your attitude. 

Gain self-confidence by using Ylang Ylang essential oil, whose calming and floral scent can help rebuild confidence and balance the mind. It creates an optimistic aura around the user. 

Sprinkle some drops of the oil on a tissue or handkerchief and lightly sniff it when you’re out. If you feel panicky, the oil will offer inner peace while removing negative thoughts and relaxing your mind not to lose confidence. 

Bonus tip: Even on dull days, when you feel lethargic, this essential oil can help re-energize you.

Oil Combinations With Ylang Ylang

An array of natural oils can blend well with Ylang Ylang essential oil. We mentioned a few of them already! More good combos include:

  • Bergamot
  • Geranium
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Vetiver
  • Sandalwood
  • Marjoram
  • Macassar

All of these oils are ideal for blending with Ylang Ylang essential oil.

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Words of Caution:

  • First, do a patch test to check for any possible skin sensitivity or side effects.
  • Avoid contact with inner ears, eyes, and other sensitive areas.
  • Always dilute the essential oil before use.
  • Keep away from children. 
  • Never use it if it smells musty.
  • Get medical advice from your doctor if you’re pregnant, nursing, or diagnosed with any other medical condition. 

Wrapping up…

You can’t overlook Ylang Ylang essential oil benefits and medicinal qualities. It’s a gift from nature to us to ward off various life concerns.

The oil boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, antioxidant, and sedative properties. Phew! There isn’t any reason to not keep this essential oil in your closet.

Besides, the exotic smell of the oil wins the heart of every user. Thus, you’ll find it today in various luxury and commercial products, including massage oil, soaps, scented candles, face creams, perfumes, and cologne. Never mind, creating DIY blends with this natural oil is also not a big deal.

Give yourself the gift of this floral-scented Ylang Ylang essential oil and change your life for good.

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11 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits You Can Enjoy

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