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5 Interesting Reasons Why We Wear Bracelets

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5 Interesting Reasons Why We Wear BraceletsMany people wear jewelry not only to match their outfits but also for symbolic reasons. For example, some people will go for a precious gem because it is their birthstone or is said to have protective powers. Gold symbolizes luxury and royalty and is associated with wisdom and enlightenment. A simple gold bracelet is, therefore, a staple in many wardrobes.

Some may even have worn them to represent their tribe or clan. Today, anyone can wear bracelets for numerous reasons. Here are some more reasons why we wear bracelets.

1. Show Off

white gold diamond tennis bracelet

Back when humans were divided along class and loyalty line, pieces such as jewelry were only worn by specific people. These included loyalty and warriors as well as the wealthy. Even today, people place a lot of value in their jewelry. A high-end, expensive bracelet can signal to others that you are in a certain social class.

2. Keep It On Trend

gray and gold bracelets

Bracelets come in many interesting styles and many people wear them because they are trendy. People love to match their bracelets to other pieces of jewelry, such as earrings and rings.

Also, some designers have come up with bracelets that also serve as watches. A gold wrap-around bracelet that also serves as a watch is a piece that can be worn to the office. It goes well with the official atmosphere of the office but also gives the wearer a softer edge.

There are many on-trend bracelets out there. Right now, wearing multiple bracelets is super stylish. Buy a pack (or two, or three) so you can mix, match, and layer up!

3. Make A Statement

jeweled statement bracelet

If you want to begin a conversation with a stranger at an event, flash a statement bracelet. The key is to wear an eye-catching bracelet that is bound to get noticed. It immediately draws attention and a conversation can start around it. That creates more interest around you and people want to approach and find out more.

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The most important thing about selecting a statement bracelet is that it is unique. You might stray away from what’s trendy, or go big and bold, or pick something that contrasts your outfit. Be creative!

4. Honor Your Culture

silver evil eye bracelet

Jewelry often has cultural significance. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can all be worn to display someone’s culture. It is a show of their love for the country they or their ancestors come from. 

When wearing a bracelet that has cultural significance, remember not to be appropriative of that culture. Sometimes, it’s ok to borrow fashion trends from other places around the world; sometimes, it’s harmful and offensive. Make sure you’re being respectful!

5. Important Medical Needs

There are people with medical conditions who must wear a bracelet to inform others of their condition. Such a bracelet may come in handy in the event of a medical emergency when you are in a public place. It may have information on what to do if that person needs help.

Some people wear bracelets as part of their daily wear. Others may wear them as fashion statements to match with specific outfits. Whatever the reason, accessorizing is always a way to be creative express something about yourself.

5 Interesting Reasons Why We Wear Bracelets

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