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How to Save Money With Disney Vacation Club Resale

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You become a member of the prestigious and must-visit Disney Vacation Club. Purchasing from a third-party company that offers DVC resale listings is one way to do so.

Continue reading this article to learn what Disney Vacation Club resale is. But what makes it a better option than directly registering with the club?

What Is The Concept Behind DVC Resale?

DVC resale is the selling of pre-owned Disney Vacation Club membership contracts. Direct members are allowed to put their contracts up for resale.

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This is usually due to different reasons, such as not being able to use the membership anymore or the overwhelming annual membership dues.

The listings are available online on resale platforms such as DVC Resale Experts, where various contracts of different home resorts, point availability, and use years are listed and can be viewed by interested buyers.

Why Is Disney Vacation Club Resale A Popular Option Among Buyers?

There is no denying that the popularity of DVC resale is due to the advantages buyers get from purchasing them. First, some listing contracts are posted at relatively low prices compared to when an individual sign up for membership directly at Disney Vacation Club.

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Buyers can also choose the best contract depending on their needs and requirements and even have the option to negotiate the listing price. This is because despite there being an asking price, resale platforms usually have the option for negotiation on behalf of the original owner until a certain agreeable amount is settled and the transaction is successful.

Another reason why DVC resale is extremely popular is that there are listings available that are significantly cheap. This may be because the original owner wants to sell their membership quickly. In such instances, buyers can secure their membership while only paying low prices compared to the original selling price of the contract.

Are DVC Resale Memberships Entitled To The Same Benefits As Direct Members?

Memberships acquired through DVC resale get almost the same perks and benefits as that of direct members. Do note when we say almost because not all perks will be available to them.

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Some membership perks, including dining, merchandise, and member-exclusive events, are unavailable to members who purchased DVC resale. However, they will still be able to use their membership fully throughout their vacation in any of the Disney resorts.

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Additionally, DVC has reserved some restrictions on utilizing points from resale purchases. These restrictions come from Disney Cruises and Disney Hotels, just to name a few.

But purchasing a DVC membership through resale is not so bad at all.

Are DVC Resale Listings Safe To Purchase?

With many scam transactions going online, it is best to be aware of what you are buying.

The key to making sure that the DVC resale listing that you are thinking of purchasing is official and guaranteed is to browse reputable websites such as DVC Resale Experts. Even though you purchase the contract for a significantly lower price than the original, it is still the money earned from hard work that you would not want to waste.

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You do not have to worry about the resale membership not being honored at the Disney resort you are visiting. This is because the luxurious membership club long acknowledges resale transactions.

Final Thoughts

You will be presented with thousands of resale listings in a quick search on the web. It can be tempting to purchase the first one you see that suits your budget and needs. Always remember that to ensure you make a legitimate purchase, only make transactions with a well-known resale company.

After all the nitty-gritty details of the contract are settled, you can now plan your vacation and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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