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What Does Lady Lennia Represent to You? A Homage to Our Lady Lennias

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In Lieu of our one year anniversary we decided to take a look back at what our Lady Lennias had to say about our shadow Lady Lennia this past year. We have had a great year, ladies. We wish many great ones to all you wonderful women in the future.

“Lady Lennia represents the woman that defies all odds and destroys the myth that a woman of status is power hungry, dominant, and untouchable.  I believe it is possible to have a demeanor of power but at the same time allow your chin to remain parallel to the ground.  Lady Lennia not only reaches the top by having assertiveness and confidence, but Lady Lennia also reaches her goals of success through respect, submission, and meekness.  Rather than finding it injustice to take on the role of the domestic woman, and the businesswoman, alike, Lady Lennia sees it as an opportunity to show the world that she can do it all. Lady Lennia reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman, from The Holy Bible.  The Proverbs 31 woman is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, philanthropist, she is honored with in the community, poised, and most importantly God fearing.   Lady Lennia is the same, she is well rounded and she maintains a holistic lifestyle.”

-Tiffany Steele, Giving Back Lady Lennia May 2012 

“Lady Lennia represents a strong, self confident and intelligent women to me. A women  that  knows she holds a place in this world and she can make a mark. A true lady with  morals and  standards and a women who is not afraid to let her true colors show.”

-Nicole Henney,Family Lady Lennia December 2011 




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 “To me Lady Lennia represents the true spirit of today’s young professional women.     Intuition, independence, and a drive for both fun and success, is what we all have in  common and what Lady Lennia is all about.”

-Ciara Eddings, Love & Relationships Lady Lennia February 2012



“A strong, independent woman who wants to leave her mark on the world.”

-Natalie MacNeil, Entrepreneurship Lady Lennia March 2012


“She represents a woman of grace and intellect. But most importantly, she represents a woman with a voice. More specifically, she represents a woman with a voice for change. I love the arts. I am art. One of my favorite actors and activists, Harry Belafonte, once said, “Art is Invincible.” I use art as my voice to make the next generation of women and men invincible and not invisible. Lady Lennia uses her talents and inspirations as a voice that will change her little part of the world. She doesn’t withhold her gifts for self-glorification. She doesn’t display her for praise. She does something so unique, so motivational—she places a voice to her gifts and allows them to procreate into vehicles of change.”

-Mia McClain, Art Lady Lennia November 2011


“A confident woman who knows what she wants and strives for nothing but the best.” 

-Ashlee Kerner, Fashion Lady Lennia 2011  


“From my understanding Ms. Millennia is a woman who understands how to live in  today’s day and age without becoming a victim of the endless negative influences that society, media, and culture presents daily.  Instead this woman is inspirational, positive, poised, an over-comer, diligently pursuing success in every area of her life, a woman of virtues and class.  She represents strength, empowerment, and femininity.  From the outside this woman may seem intimidating, but because she is so humbled and beautiful on the inside she is at the same time extremely approachable and sought out for  advice, support, nurturing, to be a listening ear, friendship, employment, relationships, and encouragement. She is a woman in ever sense of the word.”

-Sha’da Wafer, Graduate Edition Lady Lennia May 2011






“Modern women all coming together to share their common knowledge, that may not be so   common someone else.”

-Courtney Martin, Health and Fitness edition June 2011  

“An accomplished woman.”

-Katie Drown, Travel Lady Lennia July 2011

Lady Lennia represents the face of our generation. Lady Lennia is the female who shows what the women of the millennium is all about. We are power hunger females who have no one to answer to. We can and are ” the do it all” generation. We are in the line of the first power wave of higher education and careers with such power at one point they thought only men can do these jobs but then found out the female is better fit for the job. We are the generation that will put a female in office. We showed the world what we are capable of and instead of oppressing us they welcome us with open arms. I feel that Lady Lennia is the face of the new age women who now can have career power and sucess in one hand and a family and love in the other Lady Lennia doesn’t have to choose. she can and will ” do it all”

-Chelsea Palumbo, Back to School Lady Lennia August 2011


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