Top 5 Reasons Not to Fall in Love in College

Trust issues are hard for any relationship at any time, but add in frat parties, alcohol, and the hook-up culture our generation is known for, and it’s a dangerous mix.

5. Trust Issues

It can be a time for you to explore your sexuality. College is a big judgment-free zone that should be taken advantage of.

4. It’s a Time to Explore

You will be faced with many different challenges and real-world experiences when you are in college, so when you graduate, you’re not going to be the same.

3. College is a Time of Change

No matter if you’re dating someone from home or from school, there will be long breaks when you won’t see each other.

2. Too Many Homes

You have no idea what job offers you are going to get or where you’re going to continue your education, and this is just considering your future.

1. The Future

Top 5 Reasons Not to Fall in Love in College