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How To Dress Cute And Stay Warm In The Winter

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How To Dress Cute And Stay Warm In The Winter

We all have our favorite items of clothing, but sometimes we can’t wear those pieces year-round. For example, while dresses are  fun to wear, it can be difficult to style them appropriately for cold weather. You should never have to compromise on style, though! Here’s how to dress cute and stay warm in the winter.

Wear warmer fabrics

While cotton dresses, skirts, and shirts are great for the summer, you will be pretty chilly wearing this fabric in the coldest season. You have to put these items away during the winter months and get out some sturdier clothes.

Make the switch to warmer fabrics such as wool, angora, sherpa, and even polyester.  These fabrics can usually be found in sweater dresses, woolen skirts, and hoodies. These fabrics will definitely keep you warmer and give you a fun winter style.

Layer with tights

When it gets really cold, try to not expose any skin. Pair your winter skirt and dress ensembles with a pair of tights or leggings. There are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

Depending on how cold it is, you may have to layer up with multiple pairs of tights. This style can look really cool if you use the right colors, patterns, and styles. For example, a solid-colored tight with fishnet tights over it would be an adorable addition to cute winter outfits.

If you live somewhere where it gets really, really cold, you can ever wear tights under your pants for extra warmth. A brightly colored pair of tights peeking out under some ripped jeans is a very cute look! Or, you can layer fleece lined leggings under a pair of sweats.

Wear high boots

It is impossible to stay warm this winter if you don’t have the proper footwear.

While flats are cute with dresses in the summer,  you will regret wearing them when you have to walk through several inches of snow. This is why you need a pair of boots that go to the knee at least.

A pair of high boots will not only provide your legs with more warmth but will also protect your feet from getting soaked. Look for boots that actually offer some protection from the elements, not just look good. Flat rider boots are a great example of boots to wear in the winter with dresses.

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If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, you absolutely need a pair of snow boots. They will provide extra warmth and are waterproof, so you will be less likely to have wet feet.

Put on socks

Don’t forget to keep your feet warm when planning your cute winter outfits.

When purchasing your boots, it is always good to buy them a little big so that you can wear a warm pair of socks as well. You need to wear socks over your tights and leggings that will help keep your feet warm. Doing this will help the rest of your body stay warm.

It’s amazing the effect a good pair of socks can have on those extra cold days!

Add on the accessories

As with any outfit, winter wear is all about accessories. In this case, the accessories will keep you looking cute and help you start warm at the same time. Here are some accessories you should have:


While it may take a bit of extra effort, it is very possible to dress cute and stay warm in the winter. Instead of feeling gloomy about the winter season approaching, get excited for a new way to wear your favorite clothes.



How To Dress Cute And Stay Warm In The Winter

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