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Recycle Old Cars and Protect the Environment

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Old VW Buggy
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At one time or another, some of us have faced the dilemma of having a non-drivable vehicle on our hands without having a clue of how to get rid of it. Maybe it’s our old college car that we have hung on to for sentimental reasons. Perhaps it’s a junk heap in our grandparents’ back yard that needs to be removed. Whatever the case, getting the vehicle moved is just part of the problem.

The next concern is making sure that the automobile is removed and recycled in a way that is healthy for the environment. Having the car visually disturbing the ecological balance of the space it is in is unacceptable. Tossing the metal into a landfill is not a choice at all. So, what are some of the choices for responsibly disposing of this dilapidated eyesore?

One choice is to find a repair shop that would be able to recycle individual parts of the car for use in repairing newer models. Some small individually owned shops might be willing to take the automobile off your hands in exchange for access to the car’s parts. If you have the capability of having your car removed from its current location, you can research online to find scrap metal yards in your area. Scrap metal is shredded, reused and is also one of the US’s largest export items. Scrap metal and salvage lots were recycling before recycling was cool.

Cropping up in many areas are companies that purchase junk cars for cash. Perhaps the best service they offer is picking up the automobile from your appointed location at no charge. These businesses then take the responsibility of selling parts that can be used to car part companies; refurbishing the car if at all possible; or recycling the metals and fluids in a responsible and environmentally safe way.

There are charitable organizations that accept junk cars and recycle old cars using the proceeds as a donation. This helps the charity and allows you to have a small write-off on your taxes. Some of the non-profits have the necessary equipment to pick the scrap car up, some don’t. Whichever decision you make concerning the recycling of your junk vehicle, keep in mind that there are regulations and ordinances in place in most areas of the country concerning the recycling of vehicle waste. Predominantly, they include:

1) Toxic Fluids

All cars have not only metal, but toxic fluids that need to be removed in a safe manner before the car is shredded or crushed. Reputable recycling centers know this and should be held accountable.

2) Abandoned Vehicles

A car left abandoned will probably be somewhat disassembled and then left to rot and drain toxic fluids into the ground and eventually water sources. Get the recycling effort started on your personal vehicle and on any abandoned cars in the community.

3) Regulated Recycling

Recycling is at the heart of the environmental movement.

Don’t take a chance, find a company that knows what they are doing and has experience in the recycling process. You’ll be doing the planet a favor.

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