Swagbucks Review: Astonishing Facts You Should Know To Get Started

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Swagbucks Review: What You Should Know First

Interested in trying Swagbucks but are still scratching your head as to what it is exactly? Then, you’ve come to the right place. I, too, was curious about Swagbucks and decided to investigate myself after seeing members make real money online from home and get paid online. And I decided to write an in-depth Swagbucks review.

I am used to doing surveys to make extra cash, no problem. However, I have found that Swagbucks is slightly different from traditional survey sites since there is A LOT you can do to make money. Making it a great side hustle that is worth your time.

And you have more control over how much money you can make quickly. But I am getting ahead of myself. There are also ways to make money, including Swagbucks swag codes, rewards, and gift cards. Use cash in your favorite online stores.

Let me first explain Swagbucks and how you can make money online and get free offers!

What Is Swagbucks Legit?

If you want to know how to earn money with Swagbucks, watch this video below.

YouTube video

Are you still scratching your head? Here is how it works. First, you sign up with a free account with a Swagbucks sign-up code.

Once you are in, you can make money online and get gifts, doing various things, from completing daily polls, watching TV, completing surveys, and more. Swagbucks app download is also easy for you to get started.

For the record, 100 SB USD 1. So, it should give you a good idea of how much you can earn in real dollars while doing the various activities to earn Swagbucks while working at home.

To get started, all you have you have to do is sign up for an account. You can click here to sign up for a free Swagbucks account. Then, get a straight $10 bonus when you sign up through my link. Of course, you must do their “swag up” activities to earn it, but you only get it through my link.

Once you do this, you can earn SB points that you can later trade for cash, gift cards, or other prizes. So, let’s begin this comprehensive Swagbucks review with one of the ways you can make money from Swagbucks’ work.

Earn Cash Back For Shopping Online

never miss a cash back opportunity with the swagbutton

One way you can expect to make money with Swagbucks is by shopping online and earning cash back with codes for your favorite products. The way it works is you download the SwagButton Google Chrome extension. Swagbucks makes it pretty easy to find. And they even pay you 50 SBs just for adding it to your browser.

Once you download it, go about your online shopping as you usually would. However, if you land on a page that offers cashback, the Swagbucks header will pop up to let you know how much cashback you can get whenever you spend money online.

Another great bonus for using the cashback option is that Swagbucks will also search the web for coupon codes you can apply to your order. On top of that, when you use the Swagbucks sign-up code, you can get a certain number of Swagbucks for every dollar you spend on a given website.

shop at macy's with swagbucks

It’s not the wrong way to make some serious cash, especially during any holiday season when you typically shop online and buy gifts. But the best part is that this is only one way to make money with Swagbucks. Continue reading our Swagbucks review to learn about more fabulous ideas.

Get Paid For Doing Different Activities

There are many different activities you can get paid to do on Swagbucks. Here is how it works.

First, you log in to your Swagbucks account.

A lot will happen on the platform, but try not to get too distracted. For example, on the top menu bar, there is an area that says, “DAILY GOAL.”

swagbucks answer surveys and earn

In this section, you should get several daily Swagbucks to get a Swagbucks bonus, in my case, 3 SB.

daily goal

Reaching your daily goal is easy enough if you log in daily and work on the platform’s tasks. And once you get it, they celebrate you. So, it’s something to look forward to every day when logging in to this platform.

Congratulations! You reached your daily goal

Let’s get into more detail about all the activities you can do daily.

Watch and Review Videos

One activity you can do to make money with Swagbucks is watching videos. Now, I will admit, as simple as this task sounds, it is not exciting. There are some videos in different languages that you would never click on.

But to get points, it has to be open in your browser, not covered by anything else for a certain amount of time. Then, after time passes, you can give the video a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

start exploring with swagbucks

Once you rate the video, you get your Swagbucks and can go on to the following video. Since this task is simple, I typically have the video open on half of my screen and have the other half available to multitask with something else.

I like the videos because the longer you watch, the more SB you get for each video after. So, if you sit watching videos for a long stretch, they will make it worthwhile.

And if you want to make the most of your time, I typically open Swagbucks in two browsers, work on surveys on one screen, and watch videos on the other. I’ll go into more detail about the surveys next.

Take Online Surveys

Surveys have to be one of my favorite activities to complete for Swagbucks. Admittedly, it takes more focus than watching videos, but the pay can be much more rewarding.

welcome to swagbucks answer

You get a list of surveys to answer that range from 1 SB to 300 SB. I like that they map this out because they also tell you how long it will take to do each survey. So you can sometimes have your cake and eat it, too, when you get a relatively short survey that pays a high number of SB.

answer gold surveys

This is my bread-and-butter way to make money with Swagbucks. I sometimes dabble with the other methods but spend most of my time hitting my daily goals.

If you want to enjoy your time in Swagbucks more, there are other ways. Let me go over those with you next.

Play Games

Now, this part of Swagbucks games is so much fun. If you like trying out new games on your phone, this can be a lucrative way to earn SB and enjoy yourself simultaneously. Use the Swagbucks app to find games you like to play, and Swagbucks will give you an overview of exactly what you need to do to get your SB.

It’s pretty straightforward, but in my opinion, it takes more time. It’s much more fun than watching videos and completing surveys, but it takes more time overall. However, if you’re already someone who loves playing games on your phone, this is perfect.

Sign Up For Offers

The next part of my Swagbucks review is about their special offers.

get rewarded for discovering offers from Swagbucks and other partners

You must pay to sign up for a particular offer for many of these. But for others, signing up for a request does not cost anything. An example is the one from Acorns below, which has a free sign-up.

I am a personal user of this app. With Swagbucks, I can get an extra perk for getting an app I already want. The offers section is a great way to learn about some pretty cool products and get paid for trying them.

Pro Tip: You can sign up and cancel some of these offers before being charged to get your SB. However, this can be a risky game if you are not paying attention to your deadlines. So I like to stay away from offers like these. But I like signing up for offers I would’ve signed up for alone.

invest your spare change

But as you can see, you earn a lot of SB with this activity. For this one, you earn 1350 SB, about $13.50 in real dollars! That’s a fantastic deal for downloading a free mobile app. The offers have a lot of opportunities, so don’t overlook these babies!

Upload Receipts

The last way you can earn points is with receipts. This one caught me by surprise because it is a little hidden away. If you take pictures of your receipts from certain stores, they will give you SB points as long as it is within ten days of your original purchase date.

upload receipts

This one may sound too good to be accurate, but some challenges exist. First, you have to get into the habit of taking pictures of your receipts and remember to upload them before the 10-day deadline. It can take a little work. But if you can figure that part out, this is a relatively easy way to earn some extra SB.

How To Redeem

Redeeming your points on Swagbucks is pretty straightforward. Go to “Redeem Your SB” to see all the various options. You can get cash back to your PayPal account or choose from many gift card options.

They have many gift card options. This includes Amazon gift cards and Bath and Body Works best cards. You have enough votes to get gift cards to your whole family by the end of the year.

If neither appeals to you, you can trade your points to donate to a charity or enter sweepstakes to win even more potential. Redeeming is easy, and there are several options to get in exchange for your points.

Should You Sign Up?

So, after reading my Swagbucks review, you may still wonder if signing up for Swagbucks offers makes sense. And I would say YES! Heck, Yes. Find a time each day to work on your Swagbucks surveys (an hour should suffice) and let those points add up.

The end of the year could mean holiday gifts, a fun family vacation, or a shopping spree for yourself. Or, if you want to be financially responsible, it could mean more money in your savings account or credit cards.

Wherever you decide to use the cash you earn, know it is worth it if you think about Swagbucks strategically. It is doable if you are willing to spend time with it!

Sign up for Swagbucks here!

Swagbucks Review: What You Should Know First

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