Is the most downloaded app on the App Store actually dangerous?

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In the world of the internet, it can often feel difficult to keep up. From funny viral videos to bizarre memes to the latest apps, you can easily lose track and become confused at the latest trends. However, some are hard to miss, such as the most downloaded app on the App Store. 

TikTok is the app that’s taking the world by storm but if you aren’t a part of Gen Z, you might find yourself wondering what exactly the app is all about. Though with popularity has also come concerns over safety. So, is TikTok actually dangerous? 

What is TikTok?

Does the app “Musical.ly” sound familiar? Well, in 2017 Chinese company ByteDance purchased Musical.ly and it was then rebranded to TikTok in August 2018. The social media app allows you to lip-sync, dance to and sing along to different songs and share short videos with followers. 

TikTok has expanded in all directions, from lip-synching videos to challenges such as the Haribo challenge. Users can pick from a diverse catalog of popular songs and silly voiceovers to add to their videos, as well as use filters.

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How popular is TikTok?

With over a whopping one billion installs worldwide, it’s no wonder TikTok has remained the most downloaded IOS app for a fifth consecutive quarter. The app boasts of 500 million users around the world – it’s available in 150 markets and 75 different languages!

But what exactly makes TikTok so popular? Well, the app is a perfect combination of silliness, viral memes, pop culture, and collaboration. All of its different features make the app fun to use, attracting many young teens. 

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Why is TikTok making headlines?

However, like with any social media, TikTok has been no stranger to good and bad press. The app was banned in India and Indonesia, over safety concerns that TikTok was unsafe for children. However, bother bans lasted a week. 

Of course, with TikTok’s popularity, there is also the concern that people are spending too much time on social media. Image-focused apps have in the past caused concern over the effects they can have on mental health. Using any social media can be risky, but it’s still possible to enjoy TikTok and safely use the app. 

So, is TikTok actually dangerous?

Given its popularity amongst young teenagers and controversial headlines, a lot of people ask if TikTok is safe? If you have concerns over privacy, then it is relatively easy to switch your TikTok account from public to private, meaning your videos won’t be publicly available and giving you the freedom to choose which follow requests you accept. 

The app also includes a report button, where users can report any abusive or spam videos, comments, or messages. Likewise, all harmful or dangerous content can be reported and any form of discrimination, bullying, graphic or elicit content, and other malicious activity is strictly against TikTok’s community guidelines. Any violations of community guidelines can lead to account suspension or deletion to maintain a safe and enjoyable space for TikTok users. Click here to learn about legit TikTok growth services.

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For concerned parents, there are also different features you can use to make the app child-friendly. This includes parental controls to block the app being downloaded on an underage child’s phone as well as device features that allow you to limit the amount of time spent on an app.

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