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Want To Make Money By Shopping? Here’s How!

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Want To Make Money By Shopping fb

Online shopping is super fun. You have a world of stuff to purchase at your fingertips⁠—literally! But it can also get frustrating when you’re shopping on a budget. You can either buy something when you see it and hope it’s the best price, check the website every day to look for price drops, or scour the internet for coupon codes. No one has time for all that. But what if I told you that you could make money by shopping?

Nope, you’re not dreaming; it’s true! There are ways to ensure that you always get a good deal on your online purchases, but you can do even more. The methods I discuss in this post allow you to make money by shopping.

Want to know how you can earn money when you shop online? Keep reading for three super easy tips.

Benefit From Price Drops With Paribus

The first way you can make money while shopping, whether it’s for retail therapy or holiday gift-giving, is to use the app Paribus. This free service from Capital One is safe and takes zero effort on your part. You just get to revel in cash back! Let’s dive in.

How It Works

First, sign up for a Paribus account using the email you use to do your online shopping. The app then automatically scans your emails for online purchase receipts from over 25 retailers plus some hotel and travel sites. They keep an eye on the price of items you buy to see if prices drop. Paribus then contacts the store on your behalf to ask for a refund of the difference in rates.

It gets better.

Paribus also checks for price drops on hotel rooms to make sure you get the best possible rate for your travel.

Also, if your online order arrives after the guaranteed date, the app will help you be compensated.

There are so many ways to make money by shopping with Paribus!

Why It’s Awesome

You might not realize it, but anyone can request a refund for the difference if there’s a price drop on something you buy online. The problem is that no one has the time nor energy to monitor every single purchase to make sure they didn’t rip you off by a few bucks.

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That’s why Paribus is so incredible. Because they scan your emails, you don’t even have to enter purchase information. You get money back in exchange for zero minutes of work and also zero dollars (remember, the app is free!). What could be better?

Paribus monitors major retailers you already shop with, including Target, Amazon, Macy’s, and Expedia. That means that you have a real chance of getting a significant amount of money back, especially if you prefer to shop online instead of in-store!

Are you worried about the security of an app like this? Never fear!

Paribus is a product of Capital One, so your data’s safety is a top priority. They save your email data in an encrypted format, use tons of security measures, and get frequent audits to ensure everything’s safe. Plus, they never share your info with third parties and only scan emails from the retailers they monitor.

Download Paribus here to start making money while shopping today!

Cellphone and Folder helping you make money by shopping

Get Cash Back With Ebates

Another easy way to make money while shopping is to sign up for Ebates. You have probably seen ads for this website and brushed it off as too good to be true. I’m here to tell you that it’s just as impressive as it sounds!

How It Works

Ebates couldn’t be simpler to use. Start by setting up your Ebates account. Then, scroll through all the deals by retailer name or shopping category.

When you find a deal you like, click the “shop now” button and make your purchase as usual. The site will automatically credit your account with the set cashback percentage for that retailer!

If you prefer to shop in-store, it is still worth it to sign up for Ebates. All you have to do is add a credit card to your account, then look for your favorite in-store deals. Link the deals you want to use to your credit card on file, then make a purchase using that card at a brick and mortar retail location. Ebates will see that you made the purchase and credit you the cashback percentage listed on the deal.

You can even use a debit card for in-store deals; just make sure to run it as a credit transaction.

Not sure where you will want to shop? You can add link deals to your card anytime, so get on the mall’s WiFi and get ready to save!

There’s more!

Ebates shopping isn’t just for earning cashback. You can also find a ton of coupons and promo codes to save even more on your online purchases. It’s a one-stop shop for savings!

Why It’s Awesome

For one thing, Ebates is amazing because it offers so many different ways to save. Whether you want to get a check in the mail or receive immediate savings with a coupon, it’s perfect! When you’re debating about whether to shop online or in-store, they offer great deals on both.

If you don’t feel like scrolling through all the deals, Ebates can still help you save money. The site will automatically search for promo codes when you shop online, so you get the absolute best deal on your purchase. Head to your favorite retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora, The Body Shop, and Barnes & Noble and get your shop on for cheap.

And did I mention that Ebates is totally free? The company gets some money from retailers for sending customers to their stores, and they pass off a cut to you. The cashback percentage is usually between 1 – 9%, which isn’t too shabby for free money!

You also choose between getting your cash through PayPal or as a check, so it’s a personalized experience.

Sign up for Ebates to start getting cashback on your online purchases right now! You’ll get an extra $10 on your first order!

person holding money they made shopping online

Hack Your Credit Card Rewards

If you are willing to wait a little bit for your extra cash, hacking your credit card rewards is a great way to make money by shopping. Too many people don’t take full advantage of their credit card’s rewards program, which is a shame! Plan your purchases right, and you could be in for real savings.

How It Works

There are lots of different ways you can use your credit card rewards program. The first step is to make sure that you are using a card that rewards you in a way that makes sense for your shopping style.

For example, if your card gives a high cashback percentage on gas but you don’t have a car, it might not be your best bet. This way, you won’t have to change a thing about your spending but will still get rewarded.

To rack up more points faster, try buying more things on credit. This means paying bills, doing all your shopping on your card, and offering to pay for your friend group’s tab when you go out (and getting Venmo’d later). The more you spend, the more you will get in rewards points or cashback. It’s that simple!

Why It’s Awesome

While Paribus and Ebates focus more on “sometimes” purchases, you can get cashback for pretty much everything when you use your credit card. Everything from your electric bill to tampons to cat food can help you rack up rewards points that you can use towards all sorts of “prizes” or cashback.

Let’s be real.

It’s a lot more enjoyable to buy a cute new sweater or the hottest tech device. But shopping for that kind of stuff, especially when you’re on a budget, shouldn’t be a weekly thing. You’ll be making a lot more mundane purchases than fun ones, which makes it easier and faster to earn money while shopping using your credit card.

Group of people holding shopping bags

Here’s a bonus tool:

While buying everything with your credit card can help you make money while shopping., it can also feel a little scary. If you’re nervous that you’ll go over your spending limit or won’t be able to pay your credit card bill, try using Trim.

To use it, enter your contact info and link it to your bank account to activate your free Trim account. Safety is a big deal to them, so you don’t have to worry about entering your personal information.

Trim will analyze your spending and find ways to automatically save you money. It does this through a number of ways, such as checking that you’re not being overcharged for your cable bill. It also offers a way for you to quickly end a monthly subscription service so you’re not paying $10 a month for something you never use.

But the perks don’t stop there. Trim will also help you become more financially healthy by helping you create a high-yield savings account, lower your ARP, and get a payoff plan for any debt you have. And it’s all done in one place!

After you’ve signed up the other two awesome tools I’ve talked about, head over to Trim to maximize the money you’re making while shopping.

Sign up for your Trim account here!

Want More Tips On How To Make Money While Shopping?

In this post, I have listed three simple options for getting rewarded when you shop, but there are even more out there! If you want to learn how to save as much money as possible, check out this video from The Work At Home Wife. She discusses more details about Ebates and Paribus and introduces four more terrific options for making money from your online purchases. Give it a watch below!

 Shopping For A Friend?

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Dealing with the up and down prices of online shopping is a hassle. With your busy lifestyle, you don’t have time to monitor websites to make sure you get the best deal, but you don’t want to get screwed over either. Thanks to the three methods above, you never have to worry about that again!

When you use Paribus, you can rest assured that you will never have buyer’s remorse over price drops. They will ask for a refund on your behalf with no effort on your part!

Ebates shopping will earn you cashback online or in-store. Don’t forget that they have tons of valuable discount codes, too! Finally, make sure that you are getting the most out of your credit card rewards program.

Sign up for Trim to make the most of the extra cash you’re earning by shopping with Paribusand Ebates.

Which of these tips was your favorite? Do you know any other ways to make money by shopping? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!





Tired of getting screwed over by up-and-down pricing? Check out these 3 super easy ways to make money while shopping online!

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