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11 Simple Ways to Make A Hotel Stay Feel Like Home

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So, you are considering booking a break, but you are afraid that you’ll get homesick during your hotel stay. Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy your time away.

Tip #1: Pack A Reminder Of Home

Consider taking a photograph from home so you can put it on your bedside table. You can get an attractive plastic or wooden frame with glass.

You can also make your hotel room smell like home! Try a non-aerosol air freshener so your hotel room gets the welcoming scent. I personally love scents like melon or cucumber which helps ease my migraines.

Tip #2: Stay Connected

It is a good idea to have a family ritual that you can practice provided the differing time zones allows. Some choose to have prayer time with their loved ones or read their kid a book through zoom!

It may be a good idea to have a unified messaging number. This is also known as a follow-me number. Another popular option is Google voice. There are many such services, so make sure you find the perfect one that matches your style and needs.

Tip #3: Create A Calm Environment

Make a relaxing playlist on your phone or any portable music device you use. It is always better to have a long playlist so you don’t end up listening to the same three tracks on repeat. Put on the music the moment you arrive so you can listen to it as unpack and settle in.

Tip #4: Eliminate Distracting Sounds

This goes hand and hand with tip #3. Look for ambient noise tracks you love (brown/red noise is better than white, nature sounds are great too) then play them. Youtube is great for this. They have thousands of videos for free!

Tip #5: Promote Good Sleep

The moment you arrive in the hotel room, make it cold. This is going to invigorate you and also lower your body temperature, which will make it easier for you to sleep. You can make it even better by taking a shower!

If you find it hard to sleep in the cold, then adjusting the thermostat to warm is going to help. Do it when going for dinner so that you find a warm room when you come back!

Tip #6: Forming Relationships

Take the time to get to know the hotel staff like the hotel manager, front desk staff, front desk supervisor, etc. It is good to know someone’s name beforehand when you want something from them.

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It Is also great to be recognized when you come back to the hotel. You earn face recognition from frequent visits and maybe name recognition, but exchanging sentences about each other’s lives from time to time is going to make them feel valued.

Tip #7: Know Your Hotel

Before you choose a given hotel, visit TripAdvisor to learn more about hotels in Durham, or wherever you are planning to visit. You should do this even if you are stuck with a hotel that the company picked.

Tip #8: Protect Your Health

It doesn’t hurt to know the 5-minute inspection for bedbugs. At night, put the shoes on the desk. Don’t use the luggage rack in the hotel.

Tip #9: Unpack Your Luggae

When you arrive, unpack even if you don’t feel like it. Imagine returning to the hotel on the first day of your trip then realizing you have to unpack. Get it done the moment you arrive to make it feel homier almost instantly!

Tip #10: Showing good manners.

Treat the housekeeping staff with respect and tip them every day. They don’t get tips when checking in. Tip the staff at least $3-5 a day.

You can leave the tip on the bed as you leave. It is not a good idea to put it on the bedside table because they will assume you forgot the money.

Tip # 11: Show Even More Good Manners

You can leave a thank-you note for the front-desk supervisor or hotel managers who have gone out of their way to make sure you feel welcome. If there is a serious problem, leave a note asking them to contact you to talk about it.

However, don’t go leaving rants on online reviews sites before talking to the manager. Usually, they will attempt to fix the problem for you and if they can’t it will usually end up with some sort of compensation or a free upgrade the next time you stay!

By taking this advice, we are sure that your next hotel stay will be comfier, more relaxing, and feel (almost) like home! Safe travels!

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