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How To Become A Top Blogger From Scratch

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The era when social networks were a means only for communication with friends and family is over. The transformations of such platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok have led to the fact that people began to use them to share high-quality content and to act as professionals in their field of activity. Today, such platforms are not only a way to increase awareness, but also a full-fledged work.

Every day, a huge number of top bloggers appear in the world, who capture a huge audience and embody their wildest ideas. 

According to statistics, the number of blog posts at the end of last year increased to more than 550 million. More than 70% of bloggers started this activity to make money from it. About 80% of Internet users regularly follow their favorite influencers.

In this article, we will share free blogging tips for people who would like to become a blogger. There you will find answers to the questions of how to decide on a blog topic, which platform to choose, what blogging equipment you need to use to improve your content and how to engage in blog promotion. Also, find more tips on how to earn money by building a blog and growing your audience.

Defining the Goal

Starting your blogging path, you should immediately start by deciding what goal you are going to pursue.

Many people want to become popular bloggers to become famous all over the world and earn thousands of dollars. This option means that you need to create content that is unique across all platforms. You need to understand what you have to offer and what Internet users have not seen.

The second way is to become a blogger as an expert in some field. Your field of activity can be very diverse. For example, you love to travel and therefore want to create a travel blog to share tips with your audience on which countries to travel to, which places to visit and how to organize your trip cheaply.

Or you are an experienced culinary specialist who has a huge number of recipes in-store and you want to teach your subscribers how to cook amazing dishes.

It may seem to many people that becoming a blogger is easy. This is by no means the case. Blogging is a huge job. Many people often have to become full-time bloggers. You need to be prepared to constantly work on getting your target audience to admire your interesting content to promote your blog. You must be hardworking and able to multitask.

If you have decided exactly that you want to start blogging, then you need to collect complete information about this field of activity, read books about blogging, follow popular bloggers and learn from their experience.

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Knowing The Target Audience

The most important thing when starting a blog is defining your target audience. You must be clear about who you are creating your content for.

Research your subscribers by such parameters as age, gender, place of residence, social status, education, occupation. Analyzing these parameters will help you understand how to make your content more attractive, how often you need to make new posts, and how to attract a new audience.

Understanding your followers will lead you to know what you need to talk about, what topics are worth bringing up. You will find your blog idea, which will be interesting not only for your audience but also for you. This is done to ensure that you do not face a creative crisis.

When you analyze your audience and decide on a blog topic, it will be easier for you to understand which platform to choose for blogging.

If you are going to run a text blog, then Facebook, Telegram will be the ideal platforms for you.

When planning to create a video blog, choose Instagram, YouTube, Tik-Tok.

Blogging Tools

When starting your blogging career, you need to learn how to create unique content. To do this, you need to have blogging equipment to analyze various blogs, watch videos, learn how to process videos, photos.

First, for this, you need a computer that will have high performance, RAM, and a powerful graphics card. With such a device, you can download all the necessary programs and not worry that something might go wrong.

Second, you naturally need a camera to blog. Taking photos or videos is a must for any type of blog. Even if you run a text blog, in any case you need to attach photos or videos so that your subscribers do not get bored when reading monotonous text.

For blogging, a smartphone with a good camera will be enough for you, where you could take high-quality photos and videos. However, just a good camera is not enough, you have to master the shooting skills. Knowing where to place the camera correctly, what settings to adjust for a specific situation and location, and how to make high-quality color reproduction will help you completely grab the attention of your subscribers.

Third, you must learn how to use programs and services that will help you edit and process videos. You can use the following services to produce quality content: screen recorder for PC, Final Cut Pro editing software, and many more.

In order to distribute your content, you will need a well-designed website that stands out. WordPress is your optimal system for creating and managing blogs.

Blog Promotion

It’s not enough to just start a blog and decide on a topic. It is too unlikely that you will be noticed among many bloggers like you. You need to develop a marketing strategy and use a posting tool to increase your chances of success.

If you search for as many options as possible to find subscribers, then the reach of your blog will increase significantly.

You need to think about how to come up with a narrow topic for your blog to ensure an influx of new followers.

Next, it’s worth doing SEO promotion to raise your blog in search results. Analyze how to properly work with hashtags and geotags.

One of the most important means of promotion is contextual advertising. You will be able to find new subscribers thanks to the fact that your blog will be advertised on other platforms.

As your visibility begins to increase, you can resort to means such as mutual advertising with other bloggers. On your channel, you will mention your colleague and help him get promoted, and he, in turn, will help advertise your channel.

It should be borne in mind that some of the means of promotion will require your cash investment. However, you must understand that it works and will lead you to success and popularity.

Summing up all of the above, it is worth saying that no one guarantees you quick success. Blogging is hard work and you have to be prepared to overcome all obstacles and never give up. You need to learn how to navigate in modern space, work on yourself and learn to analyze your mistakes to prevent them in the future.

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