How To Get Bikini Body Ready After Christmas

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Don’t worry, no one is expecting you to get on the weight loss train just before Christmas. That would be an absolute sin given the fact it’s pigs in blankets season, and I wouldn’t do that to you. With Christmas fast approaching, it makes sense to finish off the year with a bang (and a chocolate or two) before vowing to get into shape in the new year.

Before I get started I just want to make one thing clear—there is no long-term fad diet out there that will give you perfect results instantly. Getting fit and healthy is hard craft and there really is no quick fix, so if you’re looking for one then you need to get realistic. If you’re not prepared to put in the hard work then be prepared for disappointment.

bikini body detox

There’s no need to turn to fat burning pills or to live on a juice diet. All you need to do is find a fitness lifestyle that works for you. Everyone is different, and our bodies all work slightly differently. Of course, we all like different things too! There’s no point committing yourself to a lifetime of pain and unhappiness because eventually, something will give and you’ll be back to square one.

The trick to getting fit is finding a way that works for you. You need to enjoy your food, you need to love the exercise you’re doing and you need to have an end goal—and a realistic one at that.

Speaking of that end goal…

What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to feel healthier? Look better? Feel less tired? All of these things will start to occur when you decide to make the positive change of exercising and eating well, but having an end goal to aim towards will keep you motivated on those rainy days when there’s nothing more you want to do than stay inside and stuff yourself silly with junk food.

You need to keep hydrated

bikini body water

Don’t complain about this one either, as you’ll have probably downed the wine and spirits over the festive period so it’s about time your body had a well-needed detox. Make sure you’re drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. If you’re terrible at remembering, get yourself a decent water bottle and carry it around everywhere so that you don’t forget. Keep sipping it throughout the day and it’ll soon become second nature.

Cold water is better as it makes your body work even harder at burning those unwanted calories, so get that stuff down you like there’s no tomorrow. If you can’t stand the taste of water then try adding lemon or cucumber—great for two reasons. They will improve the taste and they are also natural diuretics, meaning it’ll encourage urine production which helps to get rid of fluid retention.

You don’t just have to stick to water either. Green and black tea are also great diuretics and they will help tackle your ongoing fight with the devil, also known as the bloat.

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Get involved with pilates

This is one of the best workouts you can be doing for your abs and wanting a bikini body usually means wanting abs. You might not necessarily reach that end goal (abs are ridiculously hard to get) but it’s certainly a nice goal to aim towards. Doing pilates will give you a flatter stomach, slimmer arms, a tighter bum and toned legs, so what more do you want from a workout?

When working out make sure you’re doing it right

Making the decision to start exercising is one of the best choices you will ever make. Seriously. You’ll feel so much better about yourself and you’ll have bundles of energy to get through every day. Say goodbye to that sluggish feeling you constantly have to live with and hello to feeling super alive, super awake and eventually super exhausted when you finally get into bed, meaning you’ll sleep like a baby every single night.

If you’re unsure of what to do, it’s definitely worth seeking advice and consulting help from a personal trainer. But if you can’t quite spare the extra cash or you’re wanting to work out from home, there are plenty of great workouts to get you feeling confident in your bikini again. But don’t be fooled into thinking all workouts are equal. There are people out there who swear by BBG but real life reviews are the ones you need to be paying attention to as they are everyday women just like you and me.

Stay off the junk food

bikini body diet

Honestly, there’s nothing worse for your body than fatty, greasy food. It might seem like the right thing to eat at the time, but I’m promising you now that it isn’t and it never is. We convince ourselves that there’s nothing we fancy more than a pizza stuffed to the brim with calories, but eating healthily can be delicious and reigniting your love for good, tasty food is one of the best ways to stick to it.

When all else fails, adjust your posture

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make you look like you’ve lost half a stone! Slouching does nobody any favours and you might not even realize you’re doing it. It will give you an instant weight loss result but it will actually help you get firmer in the long run as well because you will be engaging your core and making it work harder throughout the day. So by the time you’re actually in your bikini, you’ll be so used to standing up straight and having the correct posture that you won’t even need to mentally tell yourself to do it.

Fake it until you make it

Getting fit is a long-term commitment, so don’t just get healthy for a holiday. Of course, strutting your stuff in a bikini will be the end goal you need to motivate yourself, to begin with, but your fitness journey should continue long after the holiday ends. If you don’t quite have the body you were hoping for by the time you make it down to the beach, don’t worry. There are bikini’s out there for all shapes and sizes, so if you’ve not quite managed to shift the wobbly bits yet, cover them up well with a bikini to suit your body type.


If you stick to these suggestions, then you are sure to get the rockin’ bod you’ve always wanted! Remember that everyone is different. Your health may look different than someone else’s, and that’s ok! You should never compare yourself to someone else, because you are uniquely beautiful. But if you want to try to be a healthier version of yourself, you can absolutely integrate some of these things into your lifestyle. Best of luck!


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