Adulting 101: Conquer Your Anxiety As A Young Professional

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Adulting 101: Conquer Your Anxiety As A Young Professional

When you enter the professional world for the first time, you’ll likely experience multiple emotions, there may be feeling afraid, and it can even turn into physical symptoms, especially anxiety. For example, you’ll probably feel excited about pursuing your goals or dream career.

However, you may also be nervous – after all, you’ll want to impress your boss, meet your targets and form strong relationships with your co-workers while dealing with imposter syndrome.

Research shows many young professionals report high anxiety levels and panic attacks during the early stages of their careers. Thankfully, there are various ways in which people with anxiety can combat this!

Improve Your Self-Care Routine

Reducing workplace anxiety disorder also requires caring for your well-being and mental health outside the workplace. As a result, you should develop habits that ensure your downtime is productive – and that you don’t leave your desk only to spend hours thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow.

Everyone needs to have a self-care routine to combat anxiety!

Many different steps could make up an effective wellness routine, such as: 

  • Dedicating a few hours a week to fitness and exercise
  • Give yourself a break where you do ‘nothing’ but relax and recharge. 
  • Following a healthy lifestyle.
  • Catching up with friends/loved ones.
  • Engaging in hobbies. 

You may also find it beneficial to take natural, mood-boosting supplements, such as those that contain THC. THC can combat anxiety and help you relax because it boosts the production of mood-boosting endorphins and hormones. You can find out more at Delta 9 THC.

Something that I use for everyday stressors is the Calmigo!

CalmiGo - Calming Device for Natural Anxiety Relief

CalmiGo has genuinely changed how I deal with my anxiety on a day-to-day basis. Since using it, I have noticed that the number of panic attacks I usually experience has lessened immensely, and I sleep better at night.

We at Miss Millennia have partnered with CalmiGo because we believe in this device and want to share it with as many people as possible to help them with their anxiety as well! 

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Know Your Worth

Often, the reason why young professionals feel anxious at work is that they feel out of place. For example, if this is your first job after college, you may feel as though you are less capable than your older, more experienced colleagues.

However, it’s important to note that this is not the case. If the hiring manager did not believe you have what it takes, they would not have hired you. Furthermore, even the most senior employees started in a similar position to the one you are in now.

Knowing your self worth can help with anxiety immensely!

As a result, you must know your worth in the workplace. Look back at the achievements that have led you to this position – from work experience to qualifications.

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As a young professional, you should also remember that you’re an asset to the company as you bring new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives to the table, no matter your role. This is just as valuable as years of experience.

Ask For Guidance

There is no shame in asking for help or guidance, even professionally. It can be a great way to combat professional anxiety and any mental illness, giving you a sense of direction.

For example, if you find that you’re finding it hard to meet deadlines, your colleagues or bosses may be able to provide you with some tips on how to manage your time better or boost productivity.

Furthermore, senior team members would instead ask for help when needed and then make severe mistakes by trying to do everything alone.

Remember, when you’re in the early stages of your career, you’re still learning – so it’s okay to ask for some guidance.

Adulting 101: Conquer Your Anxiety As A Young Professional

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