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20 Practical Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas in 2024

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We are now at that age where all our friends are getting married. And that means weddings, weddings, weddings! I love a good wedding, but the gift-giving part can be tricky. Choosing great wedding gifts that will not cost you an arm and a leg is hard. And finding last-minute wedding gifts can be even more difficult.

The options can be limited when you pick something on the registry late. If you are close to the bride and groom and would instead not buy the last two spoons left on the registry, here is an excellent list of perfect wedding gift ideas you could buy.

1. Luggage

blue luggage set for a wedding gift

Whether they plan on going on the honeymoon shortly after the wedding or are a couple of jet setters, luggage, in my opinion, is always a great gift, and it does not have to be too expensive.

For example, the luggage set pictured here is only $200. Give the gift of travel! If you want to skip the bags, a gift card works too. I have given this to travel lovers before as well!

Click here to check out some awesome luggage deals.

2. Small Kitchen Appliances


When it comes to those little kitchen gadgets, many people don’t ask for what they don’t know exists. For example, a Nutribullet is excellent, even if you already have a blender, since it’s convenient enough to use when you are only making something for one or two people (ahem, newlyweds).

A hand mixer is just as excellent since it means you use it in whatever bowl you already use instead of transferring it to a full kitchen mixer. The best part is that these items are inexpensive compared to other full-size appliances!

Click here for more deals on small kitchen appliances.

3. Porcelain Vase

porcelain vase

A vase may seem a little boring, but they come in handy. I like giving a vase as a wedding gift because it is a great decoration and practical. Please proceed with caution buying a vase; however, since you do not want to buy something that does not fit your home decor, it tastes even better if you know what colors they have in their home.

Click here for more options for porcelain vases.

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4. Art

Good art is hard to come by, making great gift ideas. Choose something that goes well with their decor tastes or get a picture of them painted. Anyone would enjoy a gift like this. Giving someone art as a gift can lift the responsibility off of them.

The best place to find art online is Etsy. I’m sure you’ve already heard of Etsy, so I’ll remind you that you can find any art there for very reasonable prices! Plus, when you shop on Etsy, you directly support individual artists instead of giant corporations.

Shop on Etsy today!

5. A Molcajete

This is an excellent gift if you know the bride and groom are homemade salsa lovers. As I said, a good one can last generations! In some cultures, a molcajete is passed down for generations.

It is used to grind spices. Not to mention, they look pretty good on a kitchen counter! These can get pricey, but this one is affordable compared to other possible gifts.

Click here for more molcajete options.

6. Monogrammed Bathrobes

Nothing makes a marriage official like monogrammed anything. So get them matching bathrobes with their initials monogrammed. Don’t forget to ask if either plans to change their last name before ordering the robes.

This practical gift will help them relax, which they will especially appreciate after pulling off a wedding.

Click here for more monogrammed bathrobe options.

7. A Terrarium

Gifts that double as practical and decorative consistently earn bonus points, in my opinion. For example, if you get them a set of terrariums that allow them to add plants, their home will look beautiful instantly! The ones below are gorgeous and come with a little wooden stand.

Click here for more terrarium wedding present options.

8. A Wine tray

You can never go wrong with a practical gift! This wine tray is perfect for watching a movie in bed at home or going on a picnic for two. I love that it can hold two glasses, which is just perfect! It’s an excellent gift for a newlywed couple.

9. Wine glasses or champagne flutes

A practical last-minute wedding gift idea is a set of wine glasses or champagne flutes. These are perfect for post-wedding celebrations and won’t take up much space on the new couple’s shelf for a stressful day glass of wine sipping after work.

Click here for more wine glass options.

Click here for more Champagne flute options.

They’re also great to give at weddings as they’re better than cash because they can be used repeatedly. Finally, wine glasses or Champagne flutes make a great, thoughtful bridal shower gift.

10. Gift basket

The perfect last-minute wedding gift idea is a beautifully wrapped box with cookies, candies, nuts, crackers, cheese, and more – all the bride and groom’s favorites. It’s perfect for couples who love to snack or relax at home.

You can even add a few candles and chocolates if you want. If your budget only has room for one big-ticket item, try one of these great ideas!

Click here for more Wedding gift basket ideas.

11. Cutting board

A cutting board makes a thoughtful gift for any kitchen-loving happy couple on their big day. Whether they need a giant board to accommodate their growing family or an upgrade to replace their old, worn-out boards, this is sure to please. Choose from various materials such as wood, bamboo, marble, and glass.

Click here for more cutting board gift options.

12. Picture frame

Another lovely gift idea is a personalized picture frame. It takes photos of the happy couple and sometimes with photo editing software.

It’s a thoughtful gift that looks great on the wall of their new home together, constantly reminding them of what was indeed one of the best days of their lives. And don’t forget there’s always an opportunity to personalize the gift by engraving a heartfelt message.

Click here for more wedding picture frame options.

13. Wedding ring dish

If the bride and groom have not registered for a wedding ring dish, a lovely gift is one. Often, couples don’t write for words, so people may not know about this possibility.

But if you’re looking for great but little things with special meaning and thoughtful wedding, perfect last-minute wedding gifts that will surely put a smile on someone’s face, think outside the registry.

Click here for more wedding ring dish options.

14. Bottle of champagne

Consider buying a bottle of champagne. Besides being festive, this is one of the best gifts because it can be enjoyed repeatedly.

Plus, this gift will never go unnoticed, unlike other presents that may get lost under the tree or forgotten. What could be better than celebrating their marriage with a thoughtful gift?

15. Wedding Photo Keepsakes

As good as wine glasses, cutlery, or a blender might be, nothing says I’m thinking of you quite like a beautiful framed print or wedding keepsake book of the happy couple on their special day.

Find a style that captures the personality of both parties and get ready to watch their faces light up when they open it a day after their wedding in their hotel room.

Click here for more memory keepsake types of gifts.

16. Hotel gift card

Another great, affordable gift idea is a hotel gift card. This is an excellent option for those on a tight budget who prefer to spend their money elsewhere.

You can spend the money you would have spent on a traditional wedding gift on another, more thoughtful and meaningful inheritance. Again, these are small items, but they will mean a lot to them.

Click here for more gift card options.

17. Cast iron skillet

Another option that many people do not think of but makes perfect sense as a last-minute gift is a cast iron skillet.

It’s easy to store, cooks well, and makes a lovely gift. It comes pre-seasoned, so all they need to do is start cooking.

Click here for more Cast Iron Skillet Options.

18. Dutch oven

The next last-minute wedding gift idea is a Dutch Oven. These come in different sizes and colors and are typically cast iron with an enamel coating. They’re excellent for any kitchen and provide years of use. The best part?

These items are practical and inexpensive, meaning anyone can afford them. Whether as your main present or just a little something extra, these gifts will show your recipient how much you care without breaking the bank.

Click here for more Dutch oven options

19. Coffee mugs

The perfect last-minute wedding day gift, coffee mugs are available at nearly every price point. This is a great place to start if you have no other ideas for what to give. Coffee mugs make great last-minute presents because they come in many different options.

There are hundreds of different styles, shapes, and colors. No matter your preference, there is bound to be one for you.

Click here for more cute coffee mug options.

20. Dishtowel

Lastly are dish towels with some personalization. This gift is personalized and is just as functional as they are beautiful. It makes for a great gift that many would not think to buy or even add to a registry, for that matter.

Click here for more Dish towel options.

With various unique and creative options, these 20 great last-minute wedding gifts show that you don’t have to break the bank to give someone a lovely gift. Even if you wait until the wedding day to decide what to buy, a small token showing thoughtfulness and effort goes a long way.

Other great last-minute wedding gift ideas include making a reservation at the couple’s favorite restaurant after their wedding date and offering to pay for the meal. This is a top pick, a great last-minute gift I recommend for people. A coffee mug engraved with names and love makes for a perfect last-minute present.

20 Practical Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas in 2023

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