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What Retro Fashion Trends Are Making A Comeback Right Now?

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What Retro Fashion Trends Are Making A Comeback Right Now?From culottes to bomber jackets, chokers to clogs, there are plenty of retro fashion trends coming back in style right now. To keep up with a trend that’s clearly here to stay, here’s a breakdown of some of the retro fashion items worth wearing.

Bell Bottoms

Wide in all possible ways, bell bottoms have been spotted on runways since 2020. Halfway between a maxi skirt and trousers, they’re flowy, airy, and super comfortable.

Pair them with anything from high heels to chunky oxfords, and don’t be afraid to play with textures and fabrics.


You may have spotted this trend on Instagram. Influencers and models around the world are embracing their figures and wearing bralettes as shirts.

A perfect choice for hot summer days, they’re in a love affair with high-waist trousers and denim jackets. To further bring this trend into the modern-day, add an element of punk rock fashion by teaming the bralette with a vegan leather jacket and combat boots.


You know something’s back in fashion when the Italians start to wear or design it again. And, luxury fashion brand Miu Miu has impressed audiences with floral clogs that look downright retro.

They’re not the only Italian designer considering a clog comeback, proving that this is a trend worth focusing on. For the best results, accessorize your clogs with a bandana or headband.


Crochet is everywhere these days, from runways to the racks at all your favorite stores. From crochet jackets to see-through tops and dresses, they’re all on-trend right now.

Crochet garments are summery, dainty, and very pretty. You can even wear crochet bathing suits for a full throwback to the flower power era of the 70s.

Denim Dresses

Let’s be real for a moment—denim dresses never went out of style, even when designers across the world were insisting that they weren’t fashionable.

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Like bell-bottoms, denim dresses are comfortable and can make you look stylish even on those days when all stars are against you. Pair them with clogs and a bomber jacket for a truly retro look.

Long-Sleeve Dresses

The uniform of the ‘70s, long-sleeve dresses bring another gorgeous design back in trend.

Opt for flowery, airy dresses to pair with suede boots or chunky oxfords. For a full retro look, throw in a leather jacket and a choker paired with the dress’s plunging neckline.

Gladiator Sandals

Perhaps they weren’t quite in trend back in the Roman days, but gladiator sandals were favorites in the ‘70s. From knee-high sandals that compete with Russell Crowe’s to ankle-high options, they’ll make you a true fashionista.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots were a major winter trend back in the day, and they’re still going strong. Go for a cyberpunk option if you want to show off your badass side or opt for high-heeled boots to pair with mini skirts and dresses.


Overalls impressed fashion enthusiasts back in the ‘70s, and now, they’ve solidified their place as wardrobe staples. And who are we to argue with a designer like Alberta Ferretti, who shows off their overalls at events like Milan fashion week?


Like crochet garments, these squares of mismatched fabrics sewn together were popular back in the day, and now they’re here to stay. Wear patchwork in all seasons, from airy dresses in summer to coats and jackets throughout winter.


Retro fashion trends are back in style and going nowhere. All pieces above became popular before the ‘80s, and they still rock because they’re comfortable. Not to mention the nostalgia they bring when thinking about the long-gone times.

So, don’t be shy! Dust the cobwebs off your old outfits and start wearing them again. You’ll surely rock the trends.

What Retro Fashion Trends Are Making A Comeback Right Now?

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