How Diet Direct Products Promote Health (and Promo Codes)

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How Diet Direct Products Promote Health (and Promo Codes)

Hey, it’s your favorite writer, Joi, again! 2023 was such a fantastic year for me! I traveled, finally met my adorable nephew, lost 40 pounds (and kept them off), and right at the end of the year, I was hired for an excellent new job! And now, in 2024, I am still going strong!

One thing that I would love to continue into the new year is getting closer to my weight goal! Yes, 40 pounds is great, but I still have some ways to do my best. With all that being said, I want to share how I will continue to reach my health goals into the new year!

#1: Stick to A Workout Schedule

working out on stairs

Anyone who has lost weight will tell you that you must find something that works and stick to it. This is essential when it comes to getting healthier. I have always loved to weightlift—especially leg day.

So that was not too hard to stick to. I always feel so strong after squatting 150lbs rep after rep. 

However, cardio and arm day were hard to stick to. In my family, having upper body strength is a rarity. So, after squatting, lunging, etc., throughout the gym, exercising with 35lbs MAX kicked my ego. I also ran into the same problem with cardio (no pun intended).

I needed a mindset change. I told myself that at least I could lift 35 lbs. At least I can walk/jog on a treadmill for 15 minutes. Some people would kill to be able to do that.

Once I appreciated my body for what it could do, I was still not excited to do it, but I am grateful for being able to!

I made a revolving weekly schedule: legs, arms, abs/cardio. At the beginning of 2024, I can walk/jog for about 30 minutes and lift about 45lbs!

#2: Drink Plenty of Water

woman drinking water

Listen, your body cannot function if you do not have enough water in your system. Once you have a water deficit, your body works harder to keep you alive.

It also sends you many signals to tell you you need to drink more water. Some signs are thirst, hunger, dry lips, headache, muscle cramps, lack of energy, and weight gain! Over the last year, I have tried different ways of getting enough water daily.

I have finally settled on my adorable Stanley 40oz tumbler. It keeps my water icy cold all day, and it’s super durable, so when I inevitably drop it (at least once a day), it doesn’t crack! I even bought an anti-leak kit, so if it topples over, it will leak less! Remember, on average, the amount of water you need to drink daily is 11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men.

This can vary depending on your weight and even the weather! If it’s hot outside, you may need more water because you will sweat some water away. If you weigh more than average, your organs need more water to function correctly. If you’re not used to drinking much water, start small!

You will get used to drinking water every day and miss it when you don’t drink as much! A tip within a tip: start your day with a cup of water, even before your morning coffee or tea. This will wake your organs up in the best way possible!

#3: Plan Meals with Diet Direct

Diet Direct

Diet Direct is a one-stop-shop when it comes to healthy eating. 

They have a wide variety of nutritious food designed by Nutritionists to keep you on track with your health goals. They not only have a number of different meals and snacks you can choose from, but also a variety of diet plans for you to choose from.

Everything is easy to cook, most of which can be easily microwaved and is delivered right to your doorstep.

And it's pretty affordable too! If you wanted to go with one of the diet plans, meals start as low as $1.63 per meal!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

That’s right, I am still sticking to one of my favorites, Diet Direct. If you are new to my posts, let me fill you in. Diet Direct and their excellent Wonderslim diet plans and products are the leading sources of foods packed full of protein and supplements trusted by hospitals, physicians, and weight loss clinics nationwide!

I have partnered with them quite a few times as a direct review because I believe they are an excellent company, and their meal replacements and protein bars are some of the best I have tried! And they are not like any other weight loss meal delivery service.

Their customer service is one of the best I have personally dealt with over the years (and I have worked with various brands)! One thing I love about Diet Direct is that it is an online store, so I don’t have to worry about which business days are available for them, especially during the holiday season. I also love that I am often offered a promo code or two directly in my email! Some legends even offer to waive the shipping fee!

I would also like to mention to trust the customer reviews. They are all written by real people who are part of various weight loss programs and specific diets, and they all swear by Diet Direct and their food items. Speaking of having an effective weight loss program, Diet Direct meal plans will help you reach your health and weight loss goals with a satisfaction guarantee, usually at a lower price, thanks to their Direct discount codes.

Diet Direct Meal plans

There are three different Diet Direct plans, although they are unnecessary: the basic, core, and premium. If you are unsure if you want to commit to a project, you can choose your favorite Wonderslim products directly! I do not use a program personally. I order my favorites, and that works for me! 

Even now, Diet Direct has a direct discount code on their website–an $11.99 sale! But it is usually best to subscribe and save; that’s my motto for shopping online, period.

With all that being said, I want to share some of the latest diet products I have tried this past year that I have loved, and they’ve done their part in helping me on my health journey thanks to their high-protein diet program. First up are the meal-replacement shakes and smoothies.

Growing up, I have always loved milkshakes and smoothies, so these were part of my first order when I first tried Diet Direct. However, regular milkshakes and smoothies are usually packed with sugar and other chemicals that are not great for you, so these are a good option for any wellness plan!

Diet Direct has a ton of different flavors to choose from, such as chocolate cream, strawberry cream, banana crème, strawberry yogurt, and berry! You can even add fresh fruits to the smoothies, too!

These are super quick and easy to make, especially if I am running late to work, super hungry after a harsh workout, or to have on-the-go while walking my pup, Levi! Just take whatever flavor that sounds good and add water! I tend to leave a few in my purse and an extra water bottle, just in case!

Diet Direct protein bar

Speaking of running late for work, I also want to highlight the meal replacement and snack bars. One thing that I love about these bars, besides coming in various flavors like fudge graham (my favorite) and caramel cocoa, is that they fill you up and taste like dessert!

joi and Protein bar

These are some of the best things to have on you because they are so convenient! They also have 20 minerals and vitamins your body needs throughout the day. Even the snack bars have at least 12g of protein—perfect for building those muscles you’ve worked so hard for in the gym!

Here’s an extra tip: if you have a husband often in the gym with you—hide these! Or at least order a different box. All of the bars were M.I.A. within a few days of ordering them—the hubby isn’t even sorry that he ate them all!

Now to the entrees and soups! These are best eaten when you have a moment to sit and eat. I loved the Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo and Tomato soup the best! Their entrees, meals, and soups are chopped with protein, so fear is unnecessary!

Wonderslim protein powder

Although it isn’t always needed, I like to make grilled cheese to compliment the soup or garlic bread to eat alongside the alfredo; plus, they don’t add much time to the cooking process. Hey, this is a fitness journey, not a fitness-perfect meal all the time!

Mind you, I am not the most excellent cook. But these meals are just as easy as everything else that Diet Direct offers. Just add water, warm it up, and BOOM! Dinner/lunch is served!

Last but not least, it is one of the best products that Diet Direct offers (in my opinion). Some may not agree, but I believe the Fast Boost energy mix has jump-started my health journey! Not only is it an effective energy booster, but it also contains essential antioxidants and B12!

Wonderslim fast boost

I love this product, especially the orange flavor, because it has helped my husband and me cut back on coffee. We are avid coffee drinkers—sometimes drinking upwards of 3 or 4 cups daily!

And we do not drink it black. We add a ton of creamer, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. All of those can rack up the calories and fast. The energy boost only needs water, and it’s ready to go!

However, I do recommend that the water be ice cold! We only need one or maybe two during a more extended day, but these are life (and calorie) savers! Plus, they’re much cheaper than multiple trips to Starbucks daily!

$11.99 Diet Direct Sale

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Promo valid until 6/30/24

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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#4: Find Reasons to Move Throughout the Day

woman and man hiking through bamboo forest

Finding a reason to move is super important, especially if your job requires being more sedentary. Personally, having an energetic corgi helps! He loves to play and run! If I need a break from writing, I love to take him for a walk throughout our neighborhood.

Luckily, we can take many different paths so that every walk can be other! If you don’t have a rambunctious pup down for a walk any time, you can stand up and stretch or even fill your water bottle back up.

There are even cubicle-friendly workouts for those who can’t leave their desks for long periods. Other ways to move throughout the day: take the stairs when it’s safe, eat while standing up, or make more than one trip when bringing the groceries in. Find what will work best for you, and remember that everything you do can help or hinder your healing journey.

#5: Have Fun!

4 women having fun with glitter

Getting healthier does not have to be boring. The more fun you have, the more likely you will stick to it! Try different foods and workouts!

Make fun playlists to listen to while you work out! I have a music playlist and a podcast playlist—depending on the mood that I’m in. Since moving away from the DMV area, I have yet to find another aqua aerobics class I love.

However, I have found a studio that offers hip-hop aerobics, and I have had nothing but good times when I attended! Find what you love and, once again, stick to it! Your health journey will look different from others. Try not to compare yourself to what other people are doing.

Some things can work for others, while others may not work for you or your schedule. At the end of the day, as long as you are moving and nourishing your body 80% of the time, you will see a difference in how your body moves, feels and looks!

How Diet Direct Products Promote Health (and Promo Codes)

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