10 Reasons Why Being A Single Girl Is Pure Bliss

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10 Reasons Why Being A Single Girl Is Pure Bliss

Love is great! Being in love is a feeling that comes in a lifetime, sure! But there is something about being single that has such a strong magnetic pull; it becomes hard to resist. Ask any girl in a relationship id she misses being single. Even if she says no, she will do so with a sly smile on her face cause deep down, something is still fascinating her about those days.

Maybe its those romantic, fairy tale movies that seem to have stuck on the notion that happy ending means a man and woman living happily after and being in love forever, maybe its those romantic songs written to pay an ode to love that is recognized since ages involving a couple overcoming every obstacle just to be with each other. Or it just a social stigma that has incorporated into our minds. Since eons that the ultimate goal for a girl is to find her prince charming and be her princess to qualify as a happy woman, but one thing is for sure, being in a relationship has been taken too seriously as a measuring scale of happiness.

If a woman is with someone, she is assumed to be content and fortunate while a single woman seen as someone who is still looking for her ultimate goal in life: finding a man who will love her. Yes, being in love or be loved unconditionally is a great feeling but is it the only thing that makes a woman fulfilled. We, as a society, have been pinning so much on a perfect love story that we forgot to the best form of love that any person can ever get, self-love. It is liberating and unshackled, and in this article, we are about to discuss that a why a single woman might be the happiest one you have ever come across.

1. You can be the woman of your choice

When you are in a relationship or if married, certain expectation comes out of it which dictates the kind of woman you should be. Strong, independent, polite, fragile or whatever the relationship demands. However, if you are single, you can be what you wish to be. You can be what you are at your soul.  Or you can be the type of woman you want to be or better. You can be no type at all and react according to the situation that life throws at you.  And you can be selfless, selfish, confident, angry, polite, as per your wish. You can be yourself, indeed.

2. Imagine answering to no one

Since kids, we are wired to be answerable to one or more person in life about our actions. Parents, siblings, boyfriend, spouse, children, boss at the office, or maybe more. Just imagine how liberating life could be if you could go to the market late evening to get something without having to inform anyone. Your life decision is all yours, and you have no boundaries to ask or tell your partner about switching a job or taking a trip.  To begin with, you should be allowed to make such a decision for yourself; after all, it is your life.

3. No Insecurities, No Emotional Drama

You talked to a guy; you went out to market with him, you stayed back at work for an hour due to the pending action, or you just went out with your girlfriends, without telling your boyfriend. Now, what follows is a plethora of questions with a hint of insecurity, jealousy, and arguments. All this because he feels that you are not ‘including’ him in your life. It is hard to argue with this reason because you will never be able to explain that doing a few things on your own doesn’t expel him out of your life. What a lovely life it is without all these unnecessary dramas.

Being single keeps you away from emotional dramas cause by unhappy relationship

4. More time for yourself

It is of absolute importance. You work hard enough, and you deserve some quality time with yourself. Instead of texting and calling your boyfriend at night, because you have to give time to him, you get to spend time with yourself. Spend it leisurely or planning about your future, your new beauty regime or the best, online shopping. You don’t have to bound by the time table of the day where after a hectic day at work or studies, you need to find out time for your man too to make him feel important while you don’t ever get time to be with yourself.

5. Financial Independent

It may not apply to every couple, but even it does, you are entirely free of this risk. You don’t have to share any financial responsibilities. Your money is all yours, and you get to spend it the way you want instead of dinners, movies and presents for your man. Treat yourself when you want and how you want. You live life in a fun and frolic way without any unwanted control in your life. It is your money, and you have all the right to spend it all on yourself if you want to.

6. No compromises, no sharing

It is not the worst thing in the world to share or adjust in a relationship. But doing it all the damn time becomes exhausting. And you are one lucky girl if you are free from this duty. Yes, it is a duty because our society walks on the mind frame that a girl needs to compromise more in her life. Then a boy to be happy and loved. The thought firmly rooted that even a man didn’t say this or deny professing it, he still expects it from his woman, and it becomes tiring after some time. Nothing is worth it and being single liberates you from all this melodrama that can push you into depression.

7. No sacrifice when it comes to career

Unfortunately, this is the harsh truth that a woman has to face. She expected to keep her job below her relationship. In short, a guy’s morning meeting is considered important. It is enough to get him to sleep at 9 in the night. But a girl spending an hour extra in office is not taken in goodwill in any way. She is immediately lectured about the working hours, office etiquettes, security, and safety rules, blah blah, blah. And we all are aware that this scenario becomes worst after a girl gets marries. So, as a single girl, you get to screw this mentality and be the girl boss you always wanted to be.

8. Groom as you will

And not to please a man in your life. Pay a visit to the saloon when you want to and not to glam up like a doll all the time for your boyfriend. Pamper yourself according to your ease. Groom your body daily or once a month, the frequency will be an individual choice of you, and only you and not a man’s expectations do not see a single hair on your body. Put on makeup or don’t, it is your choice.

Being single gives you more time to pamper yourself

9. Experiment and make mistakes

You do get to live only once, and this life should be all about fulfilling your passionate desires. Yes, you might make mistakes, but a diva like you could learn from it to never repeat it. You can experiment in your life all you want and learn new lessons or a happy ending of those risks. Try a new hairstyle.  Switch on to that new job proposal.  You throw toxic people out of your life who mask themselves as your good wishes.  You live your life on your terms rather than discussing every minute detail with your boyfriend. And then accepting his advice in the end.

10. Don’t take life too seriously

There is always the time to settle down and this moment will never come back when you are free, single and young and ready to take the life as it happens. You learn new things. Be with yourself and become strong. Be that gem you always wanted to be.

This International Women’s Day, vow to be the strongest and happiest woman you always wanted to be, whatever it takes and don’t forget to pamper yourself with some wonderful women’s day gifts as well.

10 Reasons Why Being A Single Girl Is Pure Bliss

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