5 Essential Accessories for Summer That You Will Love

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This summer season we’re seeing fun, new trends! Colorful rings, scarves, and orange 70’s inspired sunglasses are just the tip of the accessories that are perfect for this time of year. With fun pops of color to your wardrobe, you can spruce up your casual outfits this year with just a few staple accessories.

Luckily, accessories are some of the easiest pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, both in terms of affordability and space-taking in your wardrobe!

Here are 5 trendy accessories you need for summer 2021:

Hobo bags

Hobo bags are a casual, yet stylish, handbag style that is now a summer staple. Wear it with your modern line summer outfits for a little juxtaposition, or with your flowy summer clothes to incorporate more of a bohemian style.

Since they are the new IT bag of the moment, you can easily find stylish hobo bags for women online: for example, the store Mirta has great quality handmade pieces.

Tinted sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses, specifically orange-tinted sunglasses, are in this summer. Offering a nod to the 70’s style, these sunglasses instantly elevate any outfit.

Orange-tinted glasses is just one of the summer accessories needed this year!

Wear with any outfit, pair with your hair pulled back in a scarf or claw clip and you are ready to go! A more neutral and classic outfit will draw the eye directly to this stylish accessory.  

Colorful rings

Colorful rings are everywhere this season. Celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have been seen sporting this colorful trend, and they make it look so fashion-forward!

Often made of plastic, this is also a more affordable trend to try out. Pair with your neutral summer looks for fun pops of color and incorporate your favorite colors into your collection to show your unique style.

Claw clips

Claw clips are a hair accessory that makes a statement, even on bad hair days! They make it easy to pull your hair back and out of your face, but don’t skimp out on the opportunity to make a statement while you’re at it.

You can tie your hair back loosely with some stray hairs out for a throwback look, or pull your hair back in a sleek style, wrap and tie it up with a claw clip. Pick a neutral for a statement but classic look and a pop of colorful or fun print to add some extra personality to your look.

Baseball caps

Hats are the perfect summer accessories for 2021

Hats are a summer essential to start out with, and a baseball cap is a casual option that is comfortable wear and instantly fashionable. A major bonus of this trend is how easy it is to wear and how you can really change up your look with this simple addition.

Pair with your favorite basics such as jeans and a tee or your favorite summer casual-luxe look.

Do you have any of these accessories? Which of these trends is your favorite for the summer season?

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