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Five Reasons This Year’s TEDx is the Best “Glitch” Ever

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I’ve been a fan of TEDx talks ever since I learned how to watch videos on my laptop.  I’ve always been amazed watched artists, engineers, scientists, kid, teachers, and people from all over the globe share what thoughts and inspirations they feel can change the world.  I never thought that one day, I’d be on stage about to prepare for my own talk!

I had my first TEDx rehearsal this weekend.  It was a great chance for us all to orient ourselves to the fantastic concept of TED’s “ideas worth spreading,” and work out our own “glitches.”


In fact, the theme of this year’s TEDx at Syracuse University happens to be…Glitch.

glitch TEDx

What would you define as a “glitch?”

Here’s one dictionary definition:


1. suffer a sudden malfunction or irregularity.
2. a minor problem that causes a temporary setback
I think the better question is, who hasn’t had a glitch in life?

What’s Your Glitch?

I’d define a “glitch” as a detour – you know, something in life that doesn’t go as you expect.  Nobody expects a detour to happen, in life. It’s what happens when we think we have things planned and all figured out…and then we’re thrown a curveball.


I’m excited about the “Glitch” theme for this year’s TEDx.  What is life without the imperfections, the “malfunctions” and “irregularities” in life to keep us on our toes and pushing us to learn, change, adapt and grow?

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The Five Best Things About Glitches


We all experience “glitches” in life.  Here are five reasons why “GLITCH” might be the best TEDx theme ever.

1.) Glitches give us a chance to revisit and revise.

When we spot an “imperfection,” we’re forced to pause and give it more careful thought.  We’re challenged to work on something that we might have glossed over or might have easily overlooked.  Glitches demand attention, a different approach, a new way of problem-solving.

2.) Glitches give us character.

In a world of sameness and uniformity, it’s the mistakes that are our uniqueness.  Our “flaws” allow us to stand out.  A glitch is individuality – a mistake that’s unmistakably you.

3.) Glitches make us who we are.

What glitches and detours force us to do is explore new opportunities. When we can’t go in the direction we anticipated, we’ve got to switch gears and adapt. We have to resource inner strengths that we never knew we were capable of accessing. When we achieve the “unthinkable”, we discover who we really are.

4.) Glitches make our stories.

Think of a favorite adventure movie.  Every good plot has an unexpected twist of events.  If life went exactly as you planned, where would the excitement be? The best stories the ones with surprising “glitches” and turns.  Glitches lead to discovery, epiphanies happy accidents.  Did you know that potato chips were invented by a glitch?

5.) Glitches connect us.

We all have things in life that don’t go as we expect. We all make mistakes and experience “failure.” The more we share our “glitches”, the more we realize we’re not alone – and there is strength built in community. The world of “glitches” is a world of uniqueness, empathy, compassion and change.

Bonus reason?  Glitch is a pretty fun word to say.

Glitches Have an “Upside.”


Glitches allow us to welcome the unexpected change in our “thought-out” life and see what opportunities may arise.

I’m living proof that a glitch can lead to unexpected blessings. If I took away all of the setbacks, hurdles, frustrations and glitches, I wouldn’t be who I am today…giving a TEDx Talk on glitches.

Glitches are most certainly happy, liberating and open-ended discoveries.

A “glitch” is not a dead end.

We just have to keep going long enough to reach a clearing to find the artistic nooks and crannies along that happy accident.

When you feel like you’ve made a glitch, you may not know what to do next, but that’s okay.  Sometimes the best thing is to show up and follow through.

Some glitches don’t go away.  Even with wounds that still haven’t healed – and that’s not a metaphor – I’m still on the road.  That road –uncertain, honestly, terrifying at times – can lead to the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever find.

Every little twist and turn has made me who I am.  And I like who I am.

There is nothing so dangerous about a glitch.  Relax!  Glitches can turn into flashes of insight, making room for new discoveries to flow in. Love is what we are.  Fear is what we learn.  Now, learn to love your glitches, and see where that takes you.

So don’t be afraid … Follow life’s glitches and enjoy the flowers along the way

How can you make a “glitch” today?


See you at TEDx!

Amy will be speaking at TEDx Syracuse on April 16th, 2016.  All artwork was created by Amy. Learn about her mental health advocacy programs for students, and find out how to take part in the #LoveMyDetour movement, striving to create compassion through stories.

Interested in learning more about TEDx talks? Be sure to read How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Presentations.

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  1. Never thought of a glitch in this way before, whenever I heard the worse glitch I automatically thought of something going wrong with the computer lol

  2. I’ve never watched a TED talk but a lot of people seem to be talking about them more recently. I’ve never thought of a glitch in other ways before so really interesting x

  3. This is so exciting. Seems to be the theme of my life lately – glitches! I completely agree that adversity makes us revise who we are and lays a path before us that we wouldn’t necessarily have have traveled. I’m trying to be mindful of not feeling like a victim anymore and instead seizing opportunity during the bad times!

  4. Neat insight on a different way to thinking about things. Generally people are scared to do wrong or failure, but it is true that many times you learn the most in those moments.

  5. I love this! I have been trying to wrap my head around some “glitches” that have happened but when they give you the opportunity to reevaluate and change things, sometimes they are for the best!

  6. Well Glitches do allow us to grow into that better version of ourselves that we are meant to be..or take us off course. I prefer the former and believe taht every challenge is meant to better me whenever it happens so I embrace them and learn, grow and get better and absolutely share the lessons with others..and thats what TEDX is all about right 🙂

  7. I like your take on glitches and life is full of glitches; both good and challenging ones. We can choose to make the best of them. Best wishes on your talk! 🙂
    Eliz Frank

  8. I couldn’t agree more that glitches aren’t always a bad thing. A few years ago I had what I felt was a major glitch when I did poorly on the MCAT and subsequently didn’t get into medical school. While I’d love to be on the later side of my MCAT journey, and it took me a while to recover, I’m glad that it happened. I learned a lot about perseverance and decide to pursue my master’s in public health instead. I used the time while pursuing my MPH to decide if I really wanted to even go to medical school…with graduation just a few months away I know that I do indeed want to be a doctor and now I’m a much stronger candidate.

  9. i have heard so much about ted talkk …but never got a chance to listen to one! This is interesting!

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