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How to Communicate When You’re Fighting with a Friend

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Fighting with a friend can be hard. I mean, this is the person you typically go to for everything! Every moment of your day, every crazy thing Becky from your office said, and every big decision you’re thinking about making. So how do you deal when you are fighting with a friend? Well, communication is key! I know this might be a struggle because if you’re like me, you are as stubborn as a mule and do not want to have a civil conversation. Wake up call! We have to be adults and talk this out (yes, even you Tavinia). It’s funny because as I am writing this article, I am in a fight with one of my friends. So stick with me and let’s work this out together on how to communicate when you’re fighting with a friend.

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Identify the problem

fighting with a friend

Before you go to your friend, sit down and write out what has made you so upset. Write out even the minor things that may have led to the big blow up. This is important because when writing it out, you may see that you overreacted on some parts, while other points are legitimate. You also want to make this concise so that when you do sit down with your friend, you can give them a straightforward reason as to why you are upset. If this is a reoccurring issue, be sure to think up examples of when this happened in the past. I have come to find that if I go into the conversation hot and not have thought out why I was upset, I begin to forget previous examples and some issues were actually my fault.

That is another thing. When you make out that list of what upset you. Be sure to apologize or voice the things that were your fault. I feel this shows that you have thought about the situation and are aware that you are at fault for certain points. This way you can both, hopefully, come to an understanding of both of your flaws.

Talk in person (if possible)

This is the most important key. Tone and intention can be HIGHLY misinterpreted when you’re not talking face to face. For example, I tend to never use emoji’s or punctuation so I’m pretty straight forward in my texts. I have had many friends think we are in an argument or that I was upset with them when really, I just suck at texting. If you are already in a fight and are going to talk it out, you don’t want the situation to escalate any more than it already has because of mixed messages. So try your hardest to meet. Even if this means that your schedules don’t correlate until a week later. Wait! Take that time to calm down, get a clear head, and plan what you want to say.

fighting with a friend

Now if you are far away from each other, like states away, this is a little bit trickier because obviously, you can’t just drive down the road to see them. I still say the same thing. Try to see them somehow. So Skype, FaceTime, Viber, whatever! Almost everyone has access to a computer or smartphone nowadays so utilize it so that you are able to still see their face and nonverbal cues. Self-Improvement in Communication (seen above) is a Photo Credit: Haydn-Fotografie Flickr via Compfight cc[/caption]

What I really want you to take from this is that even though you are fighting with a friend, they are still your friend. You love and care for them. It may be hard, really hard, to remember that love through your anger but it is something that at least needs to remain in your conscious. Something that I do before going into the sit-down conversation is to think about whether I can see that person in my future. Is this fight big enough to me that I am willing to end a friendship? Sometimes the answer is yes. Other times it seems silly to end a friendship over. However, that is up to you to decide.


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  1. I love this. Great read, the tools used are great. I never considered discussing how to prevent future disagreements. I shared on my fb and pinned.

  2. I think talking it out in person is the most important aspect. So much communication occurs over text these days and it can be easily misunderstood!

  3. Such great tips. Fighting with friends is tough..close friends that is. Sometimes it just take time for each person to get over the offense as well.

  4. These are smart tips and ideas, it’s really worst to have a fighting with a close friend. I’ve been there I wish I knew this before.

  5. This is one difficult thing to go through. I hate it when me and my best friend have disagreements, even to the point of not speaking with each other for days. These tips you listed are good pieces of advice. I am fortunate that me and my best friend always resolve our issues. I guess being away from each other helps clear our thoughts and makes us see things from a different perspective.

  6. Communication is key to having any relationship! These are great tips and I will be remembering them if I ever get in this type of situation with my friends.

  7. When we had a fight, we didn’t take it seriously. We just let the days pass and after that, it’s either I or her will crack a joke on messenger and that will be the start of our conversation to talk about the problem the leads us to that situation.

  8. I remember having a misunderstanding with my best friend and we didn’t speak for almkst a year. I went to her house to talk to her personlly and we fixed everything in one night. It’s really important to talk things out.

  9. Great tips! Communication is so important and being open and honest about what is upsetting you. Nice article! 🙂

  10. Love the tip to write it all down so you can see if you’re over-reacting – I know I’ve been guilty of that a few times myself!

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