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How to Get Over a Nasty Breakup: 6 Foolproof Ways

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Breakups are a horrible but inevitable part of life that we must go through if we are ever to find that special someone. Even if the relationship was a relatively short one, no breakup is fun. It can be tough for us to move on, as it requires a leap of faith on our part to get involved in the first place. So, here’s a list of six ways to get over a breakup, no matter how nasty.

1. Space

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The first step to healing is getting some distance, even if both of you have decided to be friends. Even though it may sound petty, delete him or her from Facebook and other social media services. The worst thing that can happen at this point is that you try to beg for that person back and it is not reciprocated. Worse still, can you imagine seeing your ex boasting about hooking up with someone new via Twitter? You don’t need to see that right now. Block, delete, remove, and then head for a nice sunshine coast massage to get over it all.

2. Friends

Spend lots of time with your friends, preferably not mutual friends of your ex. Involve yourself in a new pursuit, get drunk, have some fun. You would do it for them, and inevitably you probably will end up consoling them at some point.

3. Get a workout

This is a great step because first, it allows you to get out a lot of anger and rage about your relationship in a healthy way. Secondly, exercising will also improve your mood and improve any feelings of depression you may have. If you can, try to get your exercise outside and not in a gym. Being outside in the fresh air clears your mind and the sunshine instantly makes us feel better.

4. Clear Out

If your relationship lasted longer than a week, I am sure you will have a lot of physical if not emotional baggage. The end of a relationship is a new start and an opportunity to have a sort out of your home, office, or room. Another good idea is to remove artifacts from your old relationship. Throw away tickets that remind you of your ex, get a friend to return expensive items to them on your behalf. Delete or sell items such as music and films that you watched together that will bring back old memories at the worst possible time.

5. Think about Negative things in your relationship

As you start to move towards the end of your breakup, try to remember some of the negative things or turn offs about your ex-partner. Where they quite lazy? Did they never split the bill in a restaurant? Just what was that funny smell? Although this sounds petty, it’s intended to give you a different perspective. You must move away from seeing that person as perfect in your eyes.

6. Reflect on the breakup/relationship

For whatever reason, you guys just didn’t work. It is far better to find out now and breakup rather than find out ten years down the line, with a mortgage and kids. Mr or Mrs Right is just around the corner.

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