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5 Fantastic And Exciting Things To Do When Young

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When you are young make the most of it, you are only young once and basically most of us end up with more responsibilities and less free time as we get older and even if you don’t you can bet that a lot of your friend’s group will. With that in mind, you really don’t want to be the sad old guy or gal trying to hang around with the youngsters, it’s tragically sad to see! So how to do being young while you’re actually young.


The world is a huge place but also an expensive one. Which is why you should do as much of your far away and exotic travel as you can while you are younger. There are a few good reasons for this. Firstly you will more likely have the time to be able to do this, if you are a student, for example, you have long summer holidays, can take gap years and even are able to delay joining the workforce once you graduate. You will also be traveling alone, or if you are with a friend you will only be paying for your own travel, meaning it’s already cheaper this way and you can easily stay in youth hostels and other budget accommodation. This way you will be able to travel to places that may prove much more expensive and less attainable once you are more set up in life with a family which, once you consider that it is much more expensive taking 4 or 5 people on a trip you will clearly see why it’s good to get some of these experiences in when you’re young.

Play Sports & Have Wild Hobbies

When will you ever again have the fitness, the time and energy to participate in high energy, active pursuits? If you wanted to try your luck at playing a particular sport such as rugby says? Then why not give it a go when you are a student, there are always clubs and societies for so many different options and opportunities to join in from beginner to much more advanced status. Also if you want to take up a really active hobby such as climbing or hill-walking then you’ll surely have the time and the fitness to really get into these type of activities and if you are working then the equipment will be affordable too.

Have The Option Of Jobs That Aren’t All About The Money

We all need enough money to get by and then hopefully a little more on top of that but when you are younger and have less in the way of responsibility the amount you need to get by is significantly less so you can take that opportunity to do jobs that you couldn’t really do later on. Whether it’s a low paid position but just one in an industry you have a passion for, such as working in the entertainment industry, maybe you would like to work at a music venue or do work for a charity or social organization. You may even want to consider something like placement year jobs when a student which will be unpaid but generally are considered to be highly desirable by future employers as it shows a willingness to do something out of the ordinary and even despite the unpaid nature they are more often than not very enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Enjoy A Social Life

At this time in your life, you generally have the freest time you will ever have at any other time other than perhaps retirement but you really don’t want to be waiting that long to be having all the fun in your life. But put it this way it’s not even just for those who go on to have kids that their time is at more of a premium as you get older, you’ll find most likely that those of us who go on to never become parents will have work taking up a fair monopoly on our time. But no matter what it’s unlikely that when you’re in your 40s or your 50s you’ll not have the time or energy to be going out socializing five nights a week, not to mention the cost involved.

Live Where You Want To

You should take the opportunity during these years to live in an area you really want to. This is generally possible as you will most likely be in the market for something smaller, giving you a wider range of possible destinations within your budget. You can consider cost-saving measures such as house-sharing, which not only gives a lower rent cost but on utilities too as bills such as water, electricity, gas and phone/broadband will all be shared. You have fewer outgoings on other family members as well so if you would like to live in the city or an attractive borough then do it now as later on when it’s time to get on the property ladder you will have to make compromises to get a place you can afford, at least at first.

So in summary, seize the day while you can, your options are as open to you as they ever will be when you are young. Make a list of what’s important to you now and make it all happen.

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