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7 Must-Have Winter Apparel Items

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Winter is coming. What are some of your must-have winter apparel items?

Even if you live in a warm state, you’re not spared from the wind chills coming upon us. The weather is certainly getting cooler around the country, and it’s even snowing in some areas. Winter is the time of year where, unfortunately, us warm-weather loving folks have to cover up, but you don’t have to sacrifice fashion in cold weather.

Here are some stylish must-have winter apparel items that you should have this winter:


1. Wool Pea Coat
Pea coats are one of most popular type of wool coats. They provide warmth, style, and usually last a long time. They’re typically short and it’s length falls right above the thigh and looks great when you pair a solid-colored coat with scarves. The best feature of this coat, however,  is its versatility. A pea coat can go from a casual setting to a professional one, without the worry of being underdressed.


2. Beanie Hat
Beanie hats come in different fabric types, colors, and styles and can be worn in warm weather too, when they’re made of thinner fabric. This is an ideal hat for those who want to protect their head and hair from cold air but don’t want to have to sport a big floppy hat. There are dozens of styles to choose from, ranging from pom-pom beanies, to ear-flap beanies, rolled-up, and boyfriend beanies. Choose a style that you feel fits your face best and you can stay warm while looking cool.


3. Long Winter Scarf
Protect your neck this winter with a thick, stylish scarf. As with beanies, there are many styles of scarves, however, the longer ones are always a good choice since they can be worn in several different ways. You can wear them long enough where they can cover your head, neck, ears, and even as shawls. Not to mention there are a multitude of different “scarf knots” to try to change up the style.


4. Waterproof Boots
Winter, in a lot of areas doesn’t just come with cold wind, but also freezing cold air, rain, hail, sleet, snow, and ice. Keep your feet warm and avoid being unequipped for slippery snow or ice by having boots. Waterproof boots are very durable and prevent water from seeping through. You can find these boots specifically made for winter, some for style, and others for outdoor activity. You’ll find them made with different material like suede, leather, etc, in a multitude of styles (ankle, thigh high, mid-calf)—get a pair or two to have options.


5. Suede or Leather Gloves
Keep your hands warm with suede and leather gloves, which are definitely more fashionable and last longer than cotton ones. If you’re a driver and don’t want to deal with taking your gloves on and off everytime you’re in and out of the car, suede and leather also give you a better grip and aren’t as thick as their cotton counterparts, making the drive a little easier and less tedious.


6. Cardigan Sweater
Every woman should have a cardigan in her closet. They’re one of the most unique style of sweaters and are also great for layering. A good V-neck cardigan can help add flair to an outfit, especially if you’re dressed professionally. Likewise, cardigans are very comfortable too and not as thick as other sweaters and will help add versatility to your closet this winter.


7. Trench Coat

If you’re no fan of short winter coats (like pea coats), trench coats are the next best option. Trench coats are typically mid-length and longer than peacoats. They work well in keeping you warm below the waist, so if the bottom half of your body is sensitive to cold, or you just want a longer coat, find a stylish faux fur or cotton-lined trench coat.


Do you know some more must-have winter apparel items? Share below.