3 Marketable Skills For Your Next Big Step

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In today’s multi-faceted and ever-changing job market, simply turning up and being good at what you do often isn’t enough to climb the corporate ladder and pursue the career path of your dreams. To really reach those dizzy heights, you need to have a marketable edge under your belt. This means obtaining universal skills that are in demand in the modern workplace. Here’s just a few of the most in-demand skills.

Experience with Big Data Sets

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Across a wide range of different fields, professionals are earning more and getting more opportunities when they can make sense of the extremely complex data sets. This now influences almost every market and industry. Businesses have always tracked metrics on customers, sales, supplier performance, but these days they have access to a much larger range of information to leverage. These days, every time you browse an online store, navigate a website, watch something on YouTube, or do pretty much anything else, you leave behind a trail of information. With so many consumers producing so much data, it’s now become the standard for businesses to strive to keep track of it all as best they can. If you can make sense of big data sets, employers and managers will love you!

Managing the Bottom Line

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You may not be a full-blown entrepreneurial expert, or have any intention of becoming one. However, no matter where you are in the corporate pyramid, you’ll become much more attractive for a new job or promotion if you can demonstrate that you know what it takes to keep a business turning a healthy profit. Ask some higher-ups what they would have changed looking back on their career, and I’m sure many of them will mention developing their skills in business administration or management. Accounting and financial skills can also be extremely handy in understanding the various things that go into a business’s bottom line. Anyone can get into the office in the mornings and crunch through the tasks they’re given, but it takes real intelligence and intuition to see how everything fits into the bigger picture.

Wrestling with New Tech

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I’m sure you’re aware that techy types—IT managers, server admins, coders and so on, have it pretty sweet in terms of how in-demand their professional skills are. Although we’re all more computer literate than the average professional twenty years ago, this massive emphasis on tech skills certainly isn’t going anywhere. Tech is constantly progressing at a feverish rate, and businesses are always the first to get their hands on it.

Being able to smoothly adapt to new technological capabilities and standards is essential for companies to maintain a competitive edge, so showing that you can wrestle with a new piece of tech and adapt to it swiftly will make you exceedingly more marketable in the job market. While there are a lot of courses you can apply for in pursuit of this, sometimes all it takes is applying for a new job that puts you in contact with more modern technology. The internet of things is the next hot thing, but it won’t be for long!


Right now, these three skills are huge plusses for anyone who possesses them. If you are searching for a job, you might want to consider learning something new!