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Top 5 Relationship Books You Should Be Reading

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I don’t know about you but just the thought of diving into a new relationship (romantic or otherwise) sounds utterly exhausting and scary. Maybe for some people relationships are easy peasy to make and keep. However I think for the rest of the world relationships are hard!

Whether it be relationships with your significant other, friends or even forging relationships with coworkers. There are a plethora of things that can take up the major focus areas of our lives. Many of those don’t contribute to long lasting relationships. Just think of all the time you spend liking people’s photos on Instagram. Seems like it is easier to make friends online than it to make friends in real life! Check out some of these great relationship books to help jump start your relationship search!

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Romantic Relationships

During our wedding prep our church required each couple to do a round of counseling. At first we just rolled our eyes- what a waste of time. Turns out it’s actually a great thing and incredibly helpful! 5 Love Languages is one of the relationship books that was on the “required” reading list. Marriage isn’t easy, for that matter no romantic relationship is easy.

A relationship with your significant other can be a huge change from the single life to the couple life. The biggest part of making it work is communication, but what is the best way to communicate with one another? Gary Chapman’s book the 5 Love Languages gives you the rundown of what Chapman believes are the core 5 Love Languages.

Learning your Love Language or that of your partner can not only help you understand each other better but it can also help you understand yourself. The Love Language Quiz is a great way to figure yourself out in addition to getting to know your partner.

Work Relationships

Finally! A how to guide for Millennials to help you forge ahead in creating those working place relationships! Creating relationships at your office can be an all new exciting time but also terrifying. For some of us we are entering a work place where we could very well be the youngest in the office. Which is not always the most pleasant experience.

The ladies in the office might take the “high and mighty” stance until you can metaphorically “prove” yourself worthy of the office. It is difficult to make friends with an office full of older women and men. However it is important if you want to have a happy work life.

Kathy Kram describes in her work relationship book that it can be beneficial to establish mentors, friends and how to make the best of those relationships. With this how-to guide you can’t possibly fail to build different kinds of relationships at work. Maybe you just want to hang out at the office Happy Hour at the bar down the street or maybe some guidance in the upcoming report.

Long Distance Relationships

Just thinking about being separated from your partner can be gut wrenching and painful. Maybe you are used to being able to see them at the drop of a hat. Well if you are moving far away that is all about to change. Long distance relationships can seriously be the most stressful, demanding and difficult trials of any relationship. On top of all the typical issues that you face in a relationship now you add several hundred to several thousand miles between you.

Thankfully there are tons of relationship books to read and ways to make it work. Long Distance Relationships: How to Maintain a Successful Long Distance Relationship– yes, it is a wordy title but speaks for itself! Not only does Ryan help understand the traditional issues but she goes one step further and helps to find helpful ways to combat them.

Creating Friendships

It can be incredibly difficult to transition from living with your friends and seeing them in day to day life to living in the adult world. Your new “big kid” job probably takes up a big chunk of your time from around 8:00 to 5:00 every day. About the time you get home, kicking back with a glass of wine is sounds pretty perfect. Doesn’t leave much time for you to go out and make new friends, honestly just thinking about it is exhausting.

Not to fear! Shasta Nelson’s book Friends Don’t Just Happen! is a great resource for those ladies who have found themselves in the adult world and are looking to make new friends that are both meaningful and long lasting. The initial plunge is the first step outlined by Nelson, which for me is the worst part. That thought of having to make small talk with strangers to find common ground is the stuff of nightmares. Nelson’s friendship relationship book is here to guide you!

Maintaining Relationships

Maybe you aren’t struggling to make new friends but to keep holding onto old friends. That in and of itself it quite the task. The shift from having all that free time to the crazy life of a working girl puts a damper on your social life. Frientimacy is a friendship relationship book that is all about keeping those friends close and how to make them last! Don’t miss out on the friendship of a lifetime just because you don’t have the same college life schedule.

Nelson specifically focuses on female friends and the impulse to pull away from long term friends. I don’t know about you but pulling away does sound like the easier option, but think about what you could lose. For most friendships it doesn’t take much to keep in contact, especially with all of the social media outlets we have. A friendship is always two-sided, Nelson gives you a play by play on how to keep your friends and deepen those relationships!