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8 Reasons Why Walking Is An Amazing Exercise

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8 Reasons Why Walking Is An Amazing ExerciseWhen people talk about exercise, they usually talk about high-intensity exercises that make you sweat buckets. However, you don’t always have to end up like that to get a good workout in. Most people don’t realize that walking is an amazing exercise!

Take a look at the reasons everybody should start walking more.

1. Burns Fat More Effectively

Most people don’t realize that walking actually burns fat more effectively than lots of exercises. While jogging and running burn calories, walking burns fat. It isn’t all about burning calories when it comes to exercise!

Sometimes, it’s about working out smarter and not harder.

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2. Low Impact

Walking is a low-impact exercise, so it’s great for those who need it to be gentle on their bones and joints. You’re unlikely to injure yourself while going for a walk unless you’re careless over rough terrain.

3. Reduces Risk of Chronic Illness

Just like other exercises, walking reduces your risk of chronic illness too. You can reduce your risk of all kinds of illnesses, from osteoporosis to heart disease. You really can’t beat going for a walk when you know the benefits it’s having on your health!

4. Suitable for Any Age

Walking is suitable for any age, from kids to mature adults. This means the whole family can go walking together and get fit.

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5. Strengthens Legs

Walking is a great exercise for strengthening the legs. It should also shape them; helping to build muscles in the hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

You need to make sure you have the right footwear so as not to injure yourself though, so look for the best walking shoes for women before you start. Uphill walking is a brilliant exercise for shaping your glutes if you’d like a firmer rear view!

6. Gets You Outside

Sunshine and fresh air is good for us too, but many of us don’t get a lot of it. By simply taking a short walk in the fresh air and sun every day, you’ll feel happier, less stressed, and healthier.

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7. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Not only can you reduce your stress and increase your happiness from getting outside, walking releases endorphins. Endorphins are the happy hormone that helps us to get that after-exercise high.

8. Sleep Better at Night

So many of us have trouble sleeping when we’re supposed to. You can blame our hectic lives we lead and the technology around us. But walking a few hours before bed could tire us out and help us to drift off when we need to.


Start walking today and you’ll change your life! Walking is an amazing exercise with so many benefits. Get started today and use the resources mentioned in this article to make the most of it.


8 Reasons Why Walking Is An Amazing Exercise

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