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Top 5 Major Items You Need to Get After Graduating from College

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Congratulations! You have graduated college and what a major accomplishment that is! But now that you have graduated, there are a few items that you are going to need to get. Things were actually set up pretty easily for you in college. You may not think so between all of the cramming and all-nighters but college provided you with some basic necessities. Now that you are out of school and entering adult life, it’s imperative that you think of these 5 major items you need to get after graduating from college.

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1. Grocery Store Membership


Remember all those times you complained about the food hall meals? The meals that were always hot and waiting for you? Well, now you are in charge of buying food and cooking it for yourself. Getting a snack or a meal used to be as easy as swiping a card but now it requires so much more of your time (and money). One of the best things you could invest in is a membership to some store where you can buy in bulk. Take a note from the mothers that do all the grocery shopping for the family and buy in bulk to feed their whole family. Now just imagine that bulk amount is only for you. You can make that food last a long time before needing to get more. In the end, it will save you money (which if you just graduated, you’re probably poor) and trips to the grocery store. This was one of the BEST investments I ever made when I graduated and I strongly encourage you to do the same.

2. Mattress

graduating from college
NECTAR Mattress Delivered

Getting a mattress was the last thing I thought about when I was graduating from college. For some reason, I just assumed mattresses came with all apartments/houses. Man was I dead wrong and clueless on what to look for in a mattress.  All I could think about was having to go to countless mattress stores and paying an arm and a leg for something I would spend most of my time unconscious on. Not to mention the hassle of having the mattress delivered and getting into my bedroom. BAH just thinking about it gets me worked up. But then I met the NECTAR mattress. Y’all when I say that this mattress is utter perfection in every way, I am not lying. The NECTAR mattress has memory foam, a breathing base layer, and a cooling cover! The cooling cover is the best part because I am an absolute hot box when I sleep. The absolute icing on the cake was that unboxing it is too easy. You literally roll it out of the sleeve, cut the plastic, and THAT. IS. IT. No more having to schlep a heavy mattress around or pivoting to make it fit in the door frame.

graduating from college

Y’all, it only gets better. You can have a 365-night home trial, a guaranteed forever warranty, AND free shipping & returns. So if for some unearthly reason you don’t like the mattress, you can send it back for free and get a full refund. But trust me you are going to love it! Picking out a great mattress such as this one is perfect too so you can always get a good night sleep! So treat yourself to the most comfortable mattress to ever exist and begin adulting right.

3. Gym Membership

Your school probably offered some sort of fitness & rec center available to you as a part of your student activities fee. Once again, you could just go in and show your student ID and have access to the track, weights, pool, etc. That is now gone as well after graduating from college. You cannot go wrong purchasing a gym membership to gain access to all of those things. With that membership, you will also be able to access different classes and equipment you may not have had at your college. Joining a gym will also be great for decreasing your stress and finding some relaxation to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and because post grad life is stressful).

4. Furniture


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You need furniture as well! What will you sit on or eat at? Now you could go the easy route and just find some discounted used furniture for cheap, rent some, or even use your parents’ old furniture (no judgment, been there done that). But you’re graduating from college and are an adult now and should be thinking about the long term. Investing in a decent furniture set will be so much more beneficial to you down the road versus buying some cheap hand me downs. And what is nice is you can find some really nice furniture at a discounted price. You just need to know how to hunt for it.

5. Wardrobe

You are probably wondering, “why do I need a new wardrobe? I have clothes from college.” Of course, you do. But if you are anything like me, they are not the kind of clothes an adult trying to get a job should be wearing. Now you are probably also thinking, “as long as I have some nice business clothes for an interview I am fine.” You’re not entirely wrong. But you must remember though that first impression count and you want to give off the right image at all times because you never know when the perfect job is right around the corner. Now I’m not saying you need to always be wearing slacks and a button up everywhere you go. However, I would suggest trading in that “College 4 Lyfe” t-shirt for a nice blouse. Just take a look at your wardrobe and ask, “would an adult trying to get a job wear this?” When I did this, I was surprised by what I had to throw out.

So with these 5 items, you are guaranteed to adulting correctly. You will be completely unstoppable and the world won’t know what hit them. Slay ladies!


What major item did you absolutely need after graduating from college? Share it below in the comments section!

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Congratulations! You have graduated college! But now that you have graduated, there are a few items that you are going to need to get.

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