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8 Simple Makeup Tips You Might Not Think Of

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8 Simple Makeup Tips You Might Not Think Of

As women, we get advice on our appearance every single day. But does any of it actually work? There’s a bit of comfort and security when you know what would work for your face and skin. As an experienced beauty blogger and editor who has spent the last couple of years with A-list celebrities and top-makeup artists, I have learned quite a few simple makeup tips that work for all women. Irrespective of how many new formulas, brands, or technology comes into play, there are a few insider secrets that you should know for your everyday beauty routine.

1. Always start fresh

Lily, a beauty blogger who offers part-time assignment help Australia, says that to look on point after applying makeup, you need to ensure that your face is clean first. For this, you should wash, exfoliate, and then moisturize your face. You can use a combo of facial massage, warm water, and a choice of your serum, oil, or cream. It will buff away the flakes, hydrate your skin, and plump up the lines.

Ensure that there’s no gap between cleansing, moisturizing, and makeup application. Otherwise, all your work will be for nothing! You need to freshen up and apply makeup in one single go.

2. First eye makeup and then face makeup

woman doing eye makeup to another woman

The next of our simple makeup tips ensures your makeup goes on smoothly. Start with your eyes, then move to your face. First, prep your lids with cream or primer to have an even application. When you’re ready to apply your eye makeup, do not worry about getting some on your cheeks or smearing your liner. You still have your foundation to apply, and you can cover up any mistakes you make.

3. Apply a black or brown gel liner to highlight your eyes

Sarah, a beauty expert who also offers online statistics homework help services, says that liners are far more pigmented than kajal or kohl pencils. Moreover, they are more flattering and less messy than brush-on gels. Your waterproof liquid liners can give you a more defined and firmer eye look. To line your eyes, you should start towards the outer eye and work your way towards the tear duct. Try to get as close to the lash roots as possible. Make sure to fill all the gaps thoroughly.

4. Get yourself a quality eyelash curler

quality eye curler

To ensure that your lashes don’t break, crimp, pinch, or dry, you must invest in a quality curler. Always remember, it is all in the padding, hinge, and the shape. When using your curler, position it at the base of your lashes, and then slowly close. Hold it in the same position for about 30 seconds.

As far as the mascara goes, an inexpensive mascara will do just fine. After you curl your lashes, you have to slowly roll the mascara wand in a zigzag wiggling motion. The idea is to ensure that the maximum product is at the base where the lashes are at their thickest.

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5. Apply neutral eye shadows

Our next simple makeup tips is about highlighting your eyes with neutral eye shadow colors. For dark eyes, use warm neutral tones, and for light eyes, cool tones work the best. If you’re going for a natural look, you don’t have to get into contouring. A natural, shimmery eyeshadow on your eyelids can do the trick. Jiah, who works with a platform where you can pay for writing papers, says that a good neutral eyeshadow tone can make even the dull and tired eyes sparkle. 

6. Do your eyebrows

You need to take good care of your eyebrows by filling, extending, and grooming them. Your eyebrows are the most quintessential aspect of your face. It will highlight your facial expression. So, make sure that you keep your brows as natural as possible.

Use a good brow pencil, and apply smooth feathery strokes in the direction of the hair. If you need to, you can fill in the areas that have a sparse growth using powder.

7. Brightness and glow over coverage

Sophie, who offers the best data science certification online, says that a well-done face makeup gives it a healthier and radiant look. This might sound strange, but you should never go for a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. Instead, opt for a tone that’s warmer than your natural one. It will help you neutralize any variations of color in the face.

To further improve coverage, pick a foundation that has the word “luminous” written on the bottle. The light-reflecting formula of the foundation will accentuate and bloom your face. You should also look for a highly pigmented, sheer and dewy foundation to get the perfect no-makeup, makeup look. Always remember, there’s a no bigger asset than great looking skin.   

8. Buy makeup brushes

makeup brushesIf your skin is a bit mature, it is bound to be textured with crinkles, expression lines, and a bit of discoloration, here and there. But, know that it is all okay. Everyone has it. You might be tempted to use products that promise heavy coverage; however, they will do nothing but make your face look cakey.

This is when makeup brushes come into play. They will make your skin look authentic. A good foundation brush will not let the makeup settle around the corners or the cervices.


So, these are the top eight simple makeup tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to makeup. 

8 Simple Makeup Tips You Might Not Think Of

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