5 Reasons Why Having Short Sexy Hair Is Amazing

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I get it. Long, luxuriously soft, and swinging hair has been portrayed as the epitome of sexy hair for many years.

Nothing is sexier than a woman who can flip her hair or have it hide her face in a mysterious half-eye curtain, right? Eh.

No offense, long hair is pretty and all, but for my purposes, it wasn’t meant to be.

I don’t consider myself a terribly high-maintenance woman and I don’t have time (or patience) to spend hours in front of a mirror fighting my thick hair into some manageable state while also making sure it doesn’t look too “done.” So, the resolution I made was to cut off my hair into a pixie cut (a la Michelle Williams, my hair icon) and I couldn’t be happier.

Initially, I was worried about not looking feminine enough or being attractive to potential suitors. Then I discovered that the reaction was actually the opposite. Short hair is sexy too!

Here, in this short (pun intended) list, are five reasons why short, sexy hair is amazing.

1. Confidence

The number one reason short hair is sexy is confidence.

Once there is no hair to hide behind, your face is exposed to the scrutiny of the world (and your own mirror). You’ll be surprised to find that you are more comfortable with yourself than you would’ve expected. Short hair shows your face off and allows you to play up your best facial features, with or without makeup (though I love a good cat-eye and bright lip).

Having short sexy hair leaves you feeling ready to take on the world. Unleash that confidence in you by showing your best facial features. Be one of those sexy short hair women who stands out!

2. Perfect Bedhead

You know when a guy’s hair looks like he just rolled out of bed and it’s kind of adorable? Well, that’s not just for the boys when you have a short haircut.

Sure, we may feel like we’re a mess, but in reality, our short-haired bedhead is sexy. As a bonus, easy to fix when necessary. All you need is a brush or comb and a bit of product. Win-win.

3. Exposed Features

Seeing a woman’s neck and shoulders exposed is sexy and subtle. While long hair tends to cover these lovely attributes, short hair shows them off, making your neck look long and lean and your collarbone defined and touchable.

And what guy doesn’t like something long, lean, or touchable on a woman? A short hairstyle can draw attention to a lot of men.

4. Stand Out

Ever been in a room full of women and have a hard time telling them apart? Well, I have, and it’s nice to know that if my friends—or someone I’m interested in—are looking for me in a crowd, I’m easy to find. I stand out, and that feels pretty damn good.

5. It’s out of the Way

Whenever the wind blew or I moved too quickly or even when I put on chapstick, my long hair found its way into my mouth. This, of course, resulted in a very unattractive battle to get the hair out of and away from my face.

Now, I don’t need to worry about the wind or lip products because my hair is completely out of my face and away. No more thick hair and blow drying needed!

This no-fuss lifestyle with short hair also benefits your partner, as they won’t have to fight your hair before, during, or after make-out sessions. Same thing for cuddles in bed. Trust me, no one enjoys a face full of hair first thing in the morning.


In the end, I’m not going to knock long hair, because it is a lovely look. However, I’m a short-haired girl for life. I will never have hair longer than my shoulders (or possibly my earlobes) ever again and I love it.

Thanks to all of the five reasons above, other people in my life love it too. I feel great about it so they do too.

So, even though your hair doesn’t blow seductively in the wind nor does it fall in waves down your back, that doesn’t mean you’re not sexy. Rock that short hair, loud and proud, and feel good because you’re different…and saving a ton of money on shampoo and conditioner.

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