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5 Simple Hacks To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look

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5 Simple Hacks To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look

While it’s super fun to get glammed up everyone once in a while, many of us don’t want to put a full face of makeup on every single day. For our everyday look, we want more of a natural makeup look instead. But what are the essential components of achieving that? We’re here to help.

How to achieve A natural makeup look

The key focus behind the natural (or “no-makeup”) makeup look is to pay attention to the application of the products and not the number of products. The idea is to use the minimum application to get maximum coverage that you want for a natural glow.

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So, let’s go ahead and discuss them in detail. We hope that after doing so, you’ll master the “no-makeup” makeup trend.

1. Skin Care

Your skincare routine is a major component of your overall self-care. And when you’re opting for a natural makeup look, you definitely need to take care of your skin first and foremost. Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally glowing skin like Jennifer Aniston.

Some amazing products on the market help you control your acne, even your skin tone and achieve that flawless, natural glow throughout the day. Always use a hydrating mask before applying makeup. Also, make sure to moisturize your skin before you put anything on your face.

2. Primer

If you are going for the no-makeup look, you need to prime your skin first. A primer helps to even out all the pores and gives you a perfectly smooth application surface. The type of primer that you choose depends on your skin type and the look you’re going for.

If you want a bit of glow, then adding the illuminating primer will produce the best results. Add a small amount on your face and enjoy the extra hydrated look that it gives to your entire skin. 

3. Light Coverage

Never opt for full coverage foundations. Remember that the key focus of the entire look is to appear natural. Foundation is the basic product in your makeup routine that can make or break the entire look. If it’s full-coverage, you may end up clogging your pores and leave your face with bumps.

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To get the light coverage, opt for tinted moisturizers, CC, and BB creams to even your skin tone. You can also use products that contain CBD distillate, as CBD can greatly reduce signs of aging. Such light coverage foundations allow you to enjoy minimum coverage and still let your natural features such as freckles shine through. You can also try airbrush makeup to get the minimum coverage faster.

At first, you might need to work on your technique if you aren’t used to light coverage. Eventually, with time, you will master the skills. Give yourself time and try out different techniques to get the right tactic that suits your needs.

4. Concealer

Using a high coverage foundation to cover up your blemishes and dark circles isn’t necessarily the best way to go. Applying foundation to creased areas can leave spots and marks which appear unnatural. So instead, it is best to opt for a hydrating concealer.

Add a bit of concealer in the areas that you wish to conceal. Instead of going for a brush or a sponge, use your hands to blend in the mixture. The warmth generated from your skin will allow the mixture of the concealer to blend it faster and better onto your skin. It will give a more natural-looking glow and coverage to the areas you wish to cover.

5. Cream Bronzer

Once you have figured out how to best use foundation and concealer, it is time for you to add the finishing touches. The best way of doing so is to go for a cream bronzer. You will be surprised to find out how easily and perfectly cream blends everything right in place.

The bronzer will add a touch of color that your skin needs to appear more natural and hydrated. If you need your makeup to stay in place longer, then use a powder bronzer to set everything.


Nothing is complete without setting spray. Your makeup, no matter how amazing your products are, won’t last all day. So, once you complete your entire look, take a step back, and use a setting spray to lock everything in place.

The natural makeup look is among the healthier upgrades that every girl and woman out there should adopt. We all need to feel confident, and some also enjoy the relaxing effect of using the occasional Delta 8 THC that comes from CBD Distillate. Remember, as you’re shopping for new makeup products, use Glambot. You will get high-quality makeup for incredibly affordable prices, and they offer free shipping on all orders of $30 and more! Shop on Glambot now.


5 Simple Hacks To Achieve A Natural Makeup Look

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