5 Great Ways To Relax When You’re Recently Single

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5 Great Ways To Relax When You're Recently Single

Breaking up can involve a lot of messy emotions and more than one day of sobbing your eyes out. However, it doesn’t have to all bad. There are plenty of reasons that it’s great to be a single woman. However, if you are dealing with a lot of stress and depressing feelings, it’s important to know how to shrug those off, too. Here are a few suggestions for ways to relax when you’re recently single.

1. Hang out with your friends

Distraction is pretty important in the early days after a breakup, and your friends can be your number one source of relief. Organize a night in to watch some movies together, book a dinner date, and make sure you’re giving your non-romantic relationships the time they need, too.

2. Have a spa day

Don’t forget to have some quality time with yourself as well. If you’ve gotten used to spending all of your time with your partner, then getting used to being alone can be difficult. Showing yourself some love is important. There are plenty of ways to do this, but few are quite as  luxuriant as having a DIY spa day to yourself as shown by Realbuzz. It can help you get your confidence back, especially if you were the one on the receiving end of the breakup.

3. Get saucy with it

It’s probably not the best idea to go looking for another relationship straight away. A rebound can be messier than you need. However, a little flirting and casual conversation never hurt anyone, right? Websites like The Chatline Numbers can help you connect to other singles in a way that’s casual, with no strings and no pressure. You can get back to feeling sexy and flirty without having to worry about the consequences.

Laugh with friends

4. Get back to your own hobbies

Did you have hobbies before the relationship that were put on the wayside? If you have some favorite activities that your partner didn’t like, at all, then it’s easy for them to get neglected in the course of a relationship. Well, now that you’re recently single, it’s the perfect time to put your energy back into them. With websites like Meetup, you can even make some new friends in the process.

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5. Nourish your body

When it comes to distracting yourself and getting yourself in a better mood, there are few things that work as well as exercise. You might be groaning, but it will help your body release positive neurotransmitters, like dopamine and endorphins. Working out will make a huge difference in your mood. It’s also a good way to remind yourself that you are hot, you are desirable, and that you will have another relationship when you’re ready.

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There’s nothing wrong with having to work through challenging emotions after a breakup, or about needing some time to do that. However, the tips above can make sure you’re not just wallowing, but taking the time and doing what you need to move through them and come out a stronger woman on the other side.

5 Great Ways To Relax When You're Recently Single

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