6 Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Will Help You Get Pregnant

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6 Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Will Help You Get Pregnant

Are you still sighing with disappointment each time you take a pregnancy test? If you are having a difficult time conceiving, there are a number of possible reasons. Many of these reasons are very complex, and you need to discuss them with fertility specialists like Cryos International since they can give the best advice on how to deal with infertility. But sometimes, you can do something as simple as making a healthy lifestyle choice to help you get pregnant.

The healthier your lifestyle is, the higher your fertility levels are likely to be. Here are a few simple recommendations for healthy lifestyle choices that could improve your chances of getting pregnant.

1. Taking a healthy herbal supplement

One easy way you can give your reproductive system a boost is to take a healthy all-natural supplement like the highly-rated CONCEPTION Female Fertility Prenatal by Eu Natural.

This supplement contains research-backed ingredients such as Myo-inositol, PABA, Ashwagandha, Vitex, Stinging Nettle, Shatavari, vitamin D, and folate. Moreover, it contains no artificial ingredients, additives, binders, or fillers.

2. Give up your vices.

Do you smoke? If so, you should think about stopping as soon as possible.

Quit Victoria writes, “Each stage of the reproductive process is affected by smoking. Sperm and eggs can be harmed by toxins in tobacco smoke (such as cadmium and cotinine). Smoking can also damage DNA in eggs and sperm. Research shows that smoking harms fertility in women. This means that on average women who smoke take longer to become pregnant. They also have a higher risk of not becoming pregnant despite trying.”

Drinking too much can also make it hard to get pregnant. American Addiction Centers states that excessive alcohol may lead to organ damage, reproductive disorders, and other problems that make it hard to conceive.

So, if you drink or smoke, you might want to rethink that. You also should encourage your partner to do the same, as smoking and drinking alcohol also can adversely impact male fertility.

3. Eat a nutritious, balanced diet.

If you are eating a diet high in carbohydrates and low in vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients, you are depriving your body of what it needs to function at its best.  Reduce your intake of starchy foods and sugars. Instead, eat more meats, vegetables, dairy products, and other nutritious food.

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4. Exercise regularly.

If you are overweight, did you know that that may reduce your chances of conceiving?

American Addiction Centers writes, “Obesity and infertility may be linked, as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) publishes that obesity can cause irregular menstrual periods, ovulation problems, more difficulties conceiving when using fertility treatments, and miscarriage.”

So, try working out regularly so that you can lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Exercising also is good for overall health. If you’re looking for fitness inspiration, read our article 7 At-Home Workouts You Can Do Right Now.

5. Get plenty of sleep.

If you do not a full night of sleep each night, you are exposing your body to more stress than you need to. You also are also hindering your body systems from functioning optimally. Both of these things can make it more difficult for you to get pregnant. Try getting a full night of sleep every night going forward.

6. Avoid stressors when you can.

Having a hard time conceiving can be stressful. But you need to try and not get discouraged—stress itself can stand in the way of conception.

WebMD states: “Several recent studies have found links between the women’s levels of day-to-day stress and lowered chances of pregnancy. For example, women whose saliva had high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that marks stress, took 29% longer to get pregnant compared to those who had less.”

By lowering your levels of stress and relaxing in any way you can, you may significantly boost your chances of getting pregnant within a shorter time span.

Give Lifestyle Changes Time to Work

All of the recommendations above can make a difference when it comes to trying to conceive. Just keep in mind that each of these takes time—your body will not change overnight. So, be patient and stick with these healthier lifestyle choices over the months ahead.

Most importantly, don’t forget to consult your doctor if you have serious concerns. They are the professional and will be able to give the best advice about how to increase your fertility. Hopefully, you soon will see the result you want on your pregnancy test!

6 Healthy Lifestyle Choices That Will Help You Get Pregnant

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