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4 Natural Remedies That Can Help You Quit Smoking

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4 Natural Remedies That Can Help You Quit Smoking

We all know the adverse physical effects of smoking. They get drilled into our heads to the point that we all but tune out the warnings. Regardless of what is in front of our faces, many of us smoke and work to stop. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows that it is one of the hardest things to do.

Quitting smoking does not cause physical pain or the same withdrawal effects that drugs like alcohol or heroin. However, the circular process in the brain when you smoke can make quitting smoking feel like mental and emotional torture. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed, you are not alone. If you have tried and failed ten times, you are not alone. A recent study indicates that it may take up to 30 or more tries for some people to kick the habit.

Anyone who tried quitting smoking twenty years ago had few options readily available. It was either cold turkey, terrible-tasting gum, or skin patches that delivered nicotine but may also cause a rash. Today, the latter two options have vastly improved, and there are even more tools to help you quit.

Prescription medications can reduce your cravings, and products like Black Buffalo tobaccoless dip help you get a dose of nicotine without the harmful smoke inhalation of cigarettes. Alternatively, you could opt to vape as a stop-gap between smoking and going cold turkey. It’s a great way to monitor your nicotine intake, and you can find great e-cig liquid online.

Natural alternatives to help people quit smoking have long been ignored, and today we will look at some beneficial remedies you can add to your arsenal. We hope using these tools helps increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

1. Fresh Lime

For quite some time, fresh lime has been used in Thailand as an aid to smoking cessation. As a bonus, it leaves you with fresh breath! Also, it’s less expensive than nicotine gum and may have some health benefits that help tissues recover from cigarette smoking.

One study showed that limes were not as helpful as nicotine gum in reducing cravings, but they were still moderately effective. You can try chewing or sucking on a quarter of a lime wedge or add the juice of two limes to a cup of water (along with a teaspoon of sugar, if you need it) and sip throughout the day.

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2. Green Tea

Green tea has calming effects on your emotions, and the reduced stress that comes with drinking green tea will help ease your cravings. It calms the stomach, helps nausea, and is believed to help regulate weight—a significant concern for many who want to quit smoking.

Another significant benefit of drinking green tea while you quit is that it will help loosen up all the gunk in your lungs, allowing you to clear it out faster and get that smoker’s cough over with. Order some Green Tea now to get started!

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3. Black Pepper

Black pepper essential oil plays an exciting role in smoking cessation. It reduces cravings when you inhale it through your nose. The inhalation of the vapor produces a similar sensation to actual smoking cigarettes and may be a sensible substitute for those who enjoy the physical experience of smoking.

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4. St. John’s Wort

A British publication, the Pharmaceutical Journal, is currently investigating the efficacy of using St. John’s Wort to help people quit smoking. The study is currently uncontrolled, indicating that stringent scientific methods have not yet been applied. It is a preliminary trial to see if the subject is worth further investigation. 

So, there may be some legitimacy in the claim that St. John’s Wort helps reduce cravings. Researchers think this might be possible because of the increase in dopamine triggered by the herb. However, anyone considering this method should consult a doctor ahead of time, as SJW may have interactions with other drugs or cause side effects in certain people.

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Using Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking

Almost anything you do to quit smoking is going to be safer than smoking. No one recommends using nicotine products unless you’re already a smoker, but there is even some merit in simply replacing your source of nicotine while you cut back on cigarettes. Don’t forget, though, that these natural remedies are even better for you than nicotine replacements.

Many of these tools can be used together to make it even more likely that you will quit for good this time. Regardless of what you decide to try, remember that social support and self-care are essential to your success. Be patient with yourself, get plenty of rest, exercise, drink water, ask friends for help, or join a support group. You’ve got this!

4 Natural Remedies That Can Help You Quit Smoking

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