How To Use A Weathly Company For A Fundraiser

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Generating money for a nonprofit organization is challenging, but a wealthy company can help. To get help from a company, you must learn about the various fundraising methods first. Then, you must decide what method is best suited for your organization. Once you’ve chosen your preferred methods, it’s time to sell your ideas and plans to the company your trying to gain help from.

When choosing a fundraising method, do not rely on one option because it could go awry and result in full money loss. To increase the overall amount of money raised, you want to use many resources and a few different methods. However, do not try too many methods because it can be confusing and in turn lead to trouble. It’s recommended to carefully choose various fundraising options and planify in advance for the next few years based on your organization’s strengths. This will show the chosen company that your efforts to accomplish your organization’s objective is a serious concern. Once you’ve achieved an agreement with the chosen company, there’s a few ways you could use the companies resources to your organization’s benefit.

1. Use the company/brand name to make your organization known.

Getting local support is the simplest fundraising method. People who enjoy what your organization does will support it through donations but if people don’t understand or support your companies objective, they likely won’t donate. This is where large companies can help. When companies get involved, the brand helps people notice your organization. Generally, when people in your community help, it shows that they support you, and there are usually no strings attached. A company executive or the brand, however, can help your organization gain the support of people who already support that company, simply because of the association. The community support that can be gained is needed because otherwise, organizations sometimes miss out on getting a government grant. Therefore, it’s important to let the association to the company be known.

2. Market your association to the company/brand. 

Local support success does not happen without proper marketing. To be successful, newsletters and other types of marketing methods must be used. Company support matters when marketing your fundraiser. For example, more people will support the fundraiser if it is marketed with social networks such as Twitter. Tell your followers on Twitter that someone from a wealthy company will be at the fundraiser. Make sure to tag this person in your tweet. Once the tweet goes out, it will get re-tweeted; more people will then begin to support your organization.

3. Convince the company to donate a raffled prize.

Companies are great donors. The fastest way to increase overall support is by raffling prizes. With the support of a wealthy company, prizes such as a chance to win a house can be fantastic. Everyone wants a chance to win a house, so many will then help the fundraiser and support your organization. Most companies provide prizes with a value of a $1000 or more. The process of requesting gifts from a wealthy company, however, should not be done over the phone. This should be done during a formal business meeting. Discuss your organization and how it helps the communities before discussing prize homes. Prize homes are great for organizations, and you only get one shot to sell your ideas, so make the opportunity count. When someone wins the prize, do no forget to mention the company who provided it. Companies need marketing too, and this increases your chances of getting their support again when you have another fundraiser.

4. Celebrate your fundraising success.

After a few years of company supported fundraising, your organization will be well established. The wealthy company benefits from this too because they know your organization will be around for years. At this point, the company may offer your organization gifts more often, such as their estate in a will. Organizations usually discuss this during their meetings and seminars; decisions are made on how they will use the companies gifts to help the community. From here on out, fundraisers will become much simpler, so all you have left is to enjoy your success.

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