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How to Deal With Senior Parents When You Are In Your 20’s

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While most of us still have parents who are in their prime, there are a few of us who have parents in their 60’s and even 70’s. After all, with couples waiting till later in life to have kids, it’s making it a common reality that their children, who are young adults, are now having to deal with them in their senior years. But when you are a graduate trying to find your place in the world, it can be a struggle to help out senior parents. Therefore, here are some tips to help you to deal with senior parents when you are in your 20’s.

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Keep in regular contact

You might be far away from your parents. In fact, a lot of people stay in the town where they went to college, which can be miles from your hometown. But if your parents are in their senior years, it can make it a struggle to be so far away. After all, you worry if they are okay when you are in another city. Therefore, you should make sure you keep in regular contact. Make an effort to ring them a couple of times a week to check how they are.

Speaking to them regularly can give them a boost too. If you are concerned, it’s worth taking a neighbor’s number. That way, if you can’t get in touch, you can ask them to pop around and check if they are okay! And make sure you tell them they can ring you when they need to. After all, if they are lonely, it could help them to hear your familiar voice!

senior parents
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Look for some additional care

Just because they are your parents, it doesn’t mean that it’s all down on you. In fact, your parents wouldn’t want you to take such a significant burden on if they do require extra care. Therefore, don’t be afraid to look into some additional care. It might be that you look into something like a senior companion program. They hire people of a similar age to your parents to take care of them. It might be just a friendly chat, or they can help out around the house. Or it might be that you look into putting them into residential care. After all, if they are no longer able to cook and clean themselves, it can help them get the right care to keep them safe and healthy.

Ask them what they need help with

Even though your parents are in their senior years, they have still got a right to an opinion on their own life. Therefore, don’t try and take over their life and belittle them. You might end up offending them rather than helping them in the long-run. Therefore, sit down with them and ask them what they need help with. If your parents are quite proud, they might refuse any help at all. But if you explain you are worried and want what’s best for them, they should open up. And even though it’s tough, ask about care in the future and their wishes of how things should be handled. That way, if they do deteriorate suddenly, you know exactly what to do.

Remember that friends and family will be willing to help. Don’t take on the burden yourself when there is help out there!


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