Why Women Are Loving Ekster’s New Rose Gold Wallet 

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Why Women Are Loving Ekster’s New Rose Gold Wallet Lately, I’ve been looking for a new wallet. Something to streamline my essentials. While I love my current wallet and have loved many wallets over the years, I’ve decided my go-to’s are too much to carry. Now that I’m out and about more, I really don’t need it weighing me down. 

While I’ve tried searching my typical go-to stores, I wasn’t finding anything that reduced the bulk of my wallet. I’ve seen men use the slimmest wallets that slide right into their front pocket and I want that same level of convenience. (Though, of course, they have reasonably-sized pockets.) After some research, I found that the leader in ultra-sleek smart wallets is Ekster

Ekster’s wallets were exactly what I was looking for…but their classic leather wallets didn’t really go with my aesthetic. They got their start through a Kickstarter campaign, and now Ekster is one of the best minimalist wallets out there.

When I found their Aluminum Cardholder in rose gold, I knew it was perfect for me and I decided to go for it. 

Here are four reasons why I’m loving Ekster’s rose gold wallet:

1. Helps me avoid cash

Over the years I’ve definitely gravitated away from cash. After 2020, you definitely won’t see me pulling out any bills. Viruses and bacteria can live on most surfaces for about 48 hours, but cash can reportedly transport a virus for up to 17 days! Even more of a reason to ditch cash.

And with my Ekster wallet, it’s easy.

The built in aluminum cardholder holds up to six cards that pop out with just the press of a button and the elastic band can hold an additional nine cards. There’s no space for cash and coins which I don’t even carry, eliminating a ton of unnecessary space. 

2. Fits in any bag or pocket

With Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder space is never an issue for me. It’s super slim, perfect for slipping into my jacket pocket or holding in one of my trendy (but incredibly small) purses. It even fits in my front pocket for easy access!

I definitely don’t miss fumbling around at the cash register. Now I can access my credit cards quickly, making cashless transactions even faster. 

ekster's rose gold wallet

3. Cool tech features

One thing I didn’t anticipate loving was all of the amazing tech features Ekster has in their wallets.

While not technology exactly, it’s important to know that the Ekster wallet warranty is so helpful to have. Your wallet is protected for one year after the date of purchase so you don’t have to worry.

One basic way technology is integrated into this wallet is with the card eject feature. The button card eject works flawlessly every time and gives you instant card access.

The RFID blocking technology is added security to protect my card information from skimming and it’s completely built-in. Now that the world is moving towards cashless, card security is more important than ever. 

I also added Ekster’s Tracker Card to my cardholder. It’s solar-powered, with one charge lasting up to three months and a 200-foot range. With the click of a button, I can ring my wallet from my phone using the Ekster wallet tracker app and vice versa. This ultra-slim trackable feature means no more scrambling for your items and no more losing your wallet!

Plus, I love that the tracker can be voice-activated with Google Assistant, Alexa, or  Siri. And it can be used to take selfies!

4. Rose Gold color 

Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder is functional but thankfully the rose gold option also makes it incredibly stylish. They use high-quality space-grade aluminum that also comes in blue, green, red, space grey, matte black, metallic gold, and silver finishes.

The rose gold, however, is the perfect subtle hint of color and goes with all of my fits, from casual day-to-day to a dressier night out. 

You might be afraid to take the leap, but trust me, you won’t regret it. Elevate your wallet to the next level with Ekster’s rose gold wallet and get style, functionality, and quality all in one. Don’t forget to download the Ekster wallet app!

Remember that there are Ekster top grain leather wallets, Ekster senate wallets, and Ekster parliament wallets, too. So many amazing choices!

Don’t miss out, Ekster is having a huge sale! Don’t miss out, Ekster is having a huge sale! Shop now and get 15% off your purchase at checkout!

Have more questions about the Ekster wallet? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

Why Women Are Loving Ekster’s New Rose Gold Wallet 

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