Learn How to Become A Teacher In Just A Few Simple Steps

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Teaching is one of the most meaningful professions in society. Being a teacher means that you are educating the next generation to help them grow into intelligent and mindful individuals.

Fortunately, there are many different teaching programs available throughout the U.S. However, different areas have certain state requirements. With this in mind, if you are thinking about continuing your education and becoming a teacher, keep reading!

Why Should You Become an Educator?

Becoming a teacher is a great service to your community. Unfortunately, there is a persistent teacher shortage, resulting in larger class sizes for students. Inevitably, this could also cause grades to lower.

Almost all children need some sort of individualized attention to meet their educational needs, and the current teacher shortage inhibits that. 

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Furthermore, teachers often feel a great sense of personal pride when they know they made a difference in their students’ lives. 

Additionally, for those who have been employed before in fields such as social services, teaching can be an even better experience! 

Providing knowledge to students will always be beneficial to their lives and development. However, educating the next generation is a burden uniquely placed on the educators of today.

By becoming a teacher, you will be making a huge difference in the future.

Kindergarten And Elementary School

To become a teacher for kindergarten and elementary school, the teacher preparation program is straightforward.

The first step is to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Thankfully, this is offered in many universities around the country that covers all sorts of different subject matters.

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To work in the public school system, future educators need to get their licenses for specific grade levels. For this, there are many online teaching certification programs that are always readily available. Prior to this, they will need student-teaching experience in the classroom for less than six months. 

Subsequently, a teacher needs to pass an exam on the material that they will teach to their students. Afterward, the process to become a kindergarten and elementary school teacher should take about one to two years.

Middle And High School

The process for getting certified for middle and high school teaching differs from elementary school. In high school, the main focus is to prepare students for the world and their next steps in life. 

Typically, there is no specific education track for teaching grades 7 through 12.

Rather, aspiring teachers tend to major in their specific subject for their bachelor’s degree. After that, additional teaching certification is necessary. 

Studying to become a teacher in science, a woman poses next to an clay skeleton.

In order to obtain this certification, graduates must pass a specialized exam on the subject they wish to teach. As with kindergarten and elementary school teachers, public schools only hire those with student-teaching experience. However, some private and charter schools require further master’s education.

The typical process for becoming a high school teacher is about 1-2 years, after earning your 4-year degree. This includes student teaching and exams.

Becoming a teacher is not the most difficult career path which only takes about 7 years in total.

With all this being said, many people agree that teaching is one of the most enriching and fulfilling jobs today.

Are you an educator? What do you love the most and the least about teaching today? Comment in the section below to encourage future educators!

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