6 Legit Ways To Be A Better Partner To Your Soul Mate

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6 Legit Ways To Be A Better Partner To Your Soul Mate

If you are lucky enough to have already found that one special someone that you want to get old with…congratulations! But that doesn’t mean you can just rest on your laurels. In fact, the real work begins when you enter a committed, long-term relationship, and you need to make an effort everyday to be a better partner to your soul mate. So get reading for some advice on how to do this.

1. Listen

Listening is such an important skill to have in any relationship, but in a romantic one, it is absolutely vital. Too many folks think that it’s enough to just hear what the other person is saying. But to be the best partner possible, you really need to be able to understand what they mean as well.

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This is where the things can get a bit complicated because people don’t always say what they mean. This is because they might be embarrassed, or don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.

But active listening techniques can help. Active listening is when you repeat back what the other person is saying to you. Not parrot fashion, but more the spirit if what they are saying.

Then you know that you have the gist of what they are trying to convey right, and they know that you are really listening to them.

2. Celebrate

Another way of being a wonderful partner is to make sure that you celebrate them. This could be during a big occasion like anniversaries or birthdays, or even on a smaller scale just day to day.

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For the more significant occasions, it a good idea to treat your other half to something they want, like a romantic trip away, tickets to a sports game, or some new jewelry. These sorts of gifts show that you have thought about what to buy them, and it also shows that you value having them in your life.

Luckily, you can shop online for pretty much anything these days. Including jewelry, like these perfect chains, and even holidays and weekend breaks away, so it shouldn’t be too hard to organize.

On a smaller scale, little gestures to show them that they are loved and valued can work really well. Thing like sending them a text before a big meeting, kissing them goodbye before work or even leaving them a note in the steam on the mirror in the bathroom, can all help you other half feel loved and valued on a day to day basis.  

3. Support and encourage

You can also be a better partner to your loved one by supporting and encouraging them. This might sound easy, but it isn’t always. Sometimes, the things that they want to do might be at odds with what you want.

For example, they may choose to take a promotion that means they will have to travel for work and work longer hours. This might make you sad, as you will have less time to spend with them. But since you know their career is very important to them, you choose to support them anyway.

This is particularly important in a relationship because the other person will feel that their needs and wants are considered on equal terms to yours and that you don’t put what you want ahead of their happiness. This will definitely make you a wonderful partner.  

4. Time alone

Something else that you can do to become a better partner to your loved one is to learn to spend time alone successfully. Now, you may think that this is a little odd, because a couple should focus on time that you spend together, right?

But consider it this way, being in a relationship with someone that is happy to spend time alone is very freeing for the other person. It means that they can do what they want, without having to worry about whether you will be OK or constantly having to make compromises just so everyone is happy.

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In fact, it is very healthy in a relationship to spend some time apart, and if you can do this without the other person falling apart, it will be a lot easier for the both of you. It will also give you the chance to miss that person, and vice versa, and so improve your time together afterward.

5. Time as a couple

As much as it is important to spend time alone to be a better partner, it is also vital that you spend time together, just the two of you. You can be a better partner to your loved one by ensuring that you have some time and space to do this in.

Remember, it is important that you have some time where you just get to be in each other’s company without attending to the needs of your children or family members.

This may be in the form of a regular date night, during which you stay in or go out together and do something fun. Or, you might find it useful to book short breaks away, just the two of you. As a change of scene and the opportunity to do new things can reinvigorate a relationship, and help you make new memories together.

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6. Show Love

Lastly, you can be a better partner to your other half by learning how they give and receive love. This is based on the idea that certain people show their love in different ways.

For example, some folks may seek praise and verbal affirmations of love. Others may look for physical contact such as hand holding and hugging. While others still, may feel most loved when they receive small thoughtful gifts.

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Learning how your other half feels most loved means working out which one of these works best for them. Then making a conscious attempt to do more of that in your relationship. It’s work because by getting the person’s love language right, you improve the chance of them feeling happy and appreciated.

You also open a dialogue about how you feel most loved too, which can really pay off. Your other half should become more aware of how to show love in the way you need, as well.

All of these ideas will allow you to be a better partner to the one you love. Relationships aren’t just about sneaking kisses while watching a movie—they’re about hard work, too!

6 Legit Ways To Be A Better Partner To Your Soul Mate

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