How to Step Up Your Social Media Business Marketing

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How to Step Up Your Social Media Business Marketing

Social media is incredibly important for all businesses. When you are trying to make money from your content, it is absolutely essential. Sharing your work and encouraging clicks is just as important as creating content that people want to read. So, while you might have figured out your niche, now you need to step up your social media business marketing and start growing. 

In the end, social media is all about appealing to a particular audience and extending your reach as far as possible. While it can be a lot of fun and hugely satisfying as a means on its own, if you want to build a business from your craft, you must give your social presence proper attention. 

Track Your Results

If you want to build your social media business marketing, the right social media reporting tool is essential. Looking at your results and understanding what they mean will give you a baseline to work from. From there, check your progress and see how various interventions perform to determine where you should focus your efforts. 

While you might not want an hour by hour report, it is important that you check in regularly. You should also monitor any particular marketing campaigns you set up to see that they work. Most social platforms will also encourage you to monitor campaigns. Split testing is a great way to make sure that you put your money behind the campaign that performs best.

Split testing is when you show a small portion of your audience two different versions of a piece of content to see which one gets more engagement. With ConvertKit, you can split test content with your audience easily. Learn more about ConvertKit from our article 8 ConvertKit Hacks You Should Know About!

Build Your Audience

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Building your audience is vital for gaining organic clicks. Plus, the larger your audience is, the more appealing your business will be to other companies looking to work with you. You can also charge more for your services.

While you might like instant success, the reality of organic growth is that it is slow! You have to take your time and get to know who you are appealing to. Looking at your results will show you your most successful posts and give you a better understanding of what you should be doing. 

But this isn’t time wasted. While an advertising campaign might draw people in faster, it may not encourage long term followers in the same way. That said, a combination of organic and paid growth strategies always works really well. Collaborating with others who have a similar audience is also a nice way to build your audience. They can promote a post or two of yours and you can do the same for them for free. 

Invest in Your Business

If you are blogging for money, being able to show potential partners what sort of reach you can provide is essential. Presenting your results in a neat and easy to understand format is always going to help persuade potential partners that you are the right blogger for them. With this in mind, building and refining your audience is even more important. 

To build your business and attract bigger clients, you need to invest. But investing isn’t just about pouring your hard-earned cash into your project, it is also about investing your time and energy. Stepping up your social media business marketing can take up a lot of time, especially if you like chatting with people on your posts and you are making a greater effort to engage people in the first place.

Invest in a tool to make posting on social media easier. Many tools allow you to monitor several channels at once and well as giving you the option to schedule posts for the future. Being able to schedule posts might not seem like a big deal to start, but once you realize how many posts you can create and manage, you will see the difference it makes. 

How to Step Up Your Social Media Business Marketing

Building your social following is the best way to put your content in front of more people, giving your business a greater competitive edge. The greater your reach, the more you can charge for your services and the more appealing you will be to your clients. And, the more organic traffic you can generate, the less you will have to spend to reach your targets. Social media business marketing isn’t just about creating fantastic content—getting it in front of your audience is just as important. 

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