10 New Year’s Goals Every Student Should Add to Their Resolutions List

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is discussing how brilliant they are going to be, and how it’s a ‘New Year…New start’. Annoying, right?

However, if you have been slipping lately in terms of getting your work done on time, or if you seem to have 6 take-away meals a week, surely it can’t hurt to have a few resolutions for 2014? We’ve come up with some ideas to get your year started right. (Some of these are fun, we swear).

1. Allocate actual study time.

And we don’t mean having your laptop open on Word whilst you watch Jeremy Kyle. Set aside an hour or so a day to get your work done and out of the way so you’ll have more time to do fun stuff after.

2. Do your reading.

Reading lists are horrible, we know, but it’s funny how writing an essay on a book becomes so much easier if you’ve actually read it. It’s like, magic or something!

3. Learn to cook a decent meal.

That doesn’t involve a microwave, or removing a ‘film lid’ in any way. Invest in a good student cookbook, and that’s half the work done for you.

4. Visit somewhere new.

If you’ve found a string of clubs in your newly loved city, take the time to venture off the strip and off into the beaten track. You’ll most likely find somewhere really great that you can’t believe you’ve never been to before.

5. Join a random society.

You can have some much fun if you sign up to be part of a uni club, and as far as we’re concerned, the more obscure the focus, the better. Go for something completely crazy or different rather than something sporty for a truly unique experience.

6. Get your attendance up.

Although your bed in your student accommodation may be stupidly comfy, especially in the morning, leave your cosy Urbanest flat and turn up to your lectures for a change.

7. Look for some work experience.

Especially if you’re in your third year, as some companies only offer work experience to students. Employers generally favour a CV with great experience rather than just one with good results. Your lecturers will most likely be really supportive of you having the time off for it, too.

8. Book a holiday.

Ok, this is completely irresponsible and reckless, and your mum is likely to hit the roof, but why not take a volunteering holiday to really make a difference to someone’s life? Sites like GapYear have a specific volunteering section.

9. Speak to someone new.

We’re aware this one is very cheesy, but it’s a good one, so be nice. Speak to someone in your lectures or seminars that you wouldn’t usually, or haven’t had the chance to. You could end up with a whole new group of friends before you graduate.

10. Contact home more often.

This is one to definitely get you in your parent’s good books. Make sure you ring mum and dear old dad often, which is the least they deserve after bailing us out 24/7.


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