How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level & Make Money

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Many people enjoy keeping a blog. It’s a way of putting your thoughts down and connecting with like-minded individuals. For plenty of bloggers, keeping it a low-key hobby is enough, but for others, they feel the dedication given deserves financial reward i.e., begin to make money from your blog.

If you have a blog that you’re passionate about and are considering taking it to the next level and monetizing, we’re here to help. The following tricks and tips will give your blog the boost it needs to become an income source.

Don’t Wait

Building a loyal following takes time, but you needn’t be afraid to start monetizing your blog early. While you work to make your catalog of content, hosting sponsored articles pads your entries and generates income.

start early to elevate your blog to make money

Alternatively, turn a passion or knowledge of a product into passive income with affiliate links. Resist the urge to have every article full of affiliate links, but a few well-placed ones from the start are beneficial.

Look Good

To grow traffic through any website, it needs to look good, and this is especially important for blogs where visitors can spend a long time reading and browsing. A cluttered page with no white space is an overwhelming experience that will cause people to leave quickly.

If there are a lot of pictures, consider using a background remover online to make them stand out better. Also, reassess your paragraph structure and font to ensure visitors aren’t greeted with a wall of text that’s hard to read.

Track The Stats

It is vital to understand who’s visiting your site, where they’ve come from, and how much income’s generated. Plenty of free tools available online, such as Google Analytics, give you the rundown of this information.

keep up with your stats

Checking in weekly to see what the numbers are and noting them down will, over time, show you how your blog is performing. Once you establish trends (or lack of), you’ll know what to focus on to grow those numbers (and make money).

Optimizing your blog for SEO is easier with statistics tracking as well. A robust SEO game is essential for improving your rankings in search engine results, where the higher results get the majority of clicks.

Don’t Be Obnoxious While Trying to Make Money

Including ads on a blog is a vital part of monetization, but they mustn’t annoy your visitors and drive them away. Adding a few ads from the get-go means your followers will always be used to them.

Spending several years growing a blog without ads, then adding them in can be jarring. Avoiding pop-up ads is also good practice as they can annoy a site visitor quicker than their Wi-Fi dropping out.

With these tips under your belt, you’re ready to start using your blog to make money, whether established or brand new. Track stats for SEO optimization and add a social media presence to your tool kit, and you’ll steadily bring new visitors past those affiliate links and banner ads. Then all you need to do is keep things looking good and keep writing that quality content.

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