Create a Festive Dining Room within Your Budget

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Festive dinners among friends are quickly becoming more and more popular with Millennials. If your house is decorated for Christmas, you’re going to want to keep the spirit all the way onto your dinner table. And in this video, I show you how to do just that.

Budgeting for this Project

In total, I spent only $47.50. You’re probably thinking that’s pretty steep, but this total includes plates! My house is just my husband and myself, and because of this we had only four plates to our name. Plus, these decorations are for a large table. And you’ll be able to use these decorations every year after! You can also cut down on the cost if you borrow pieces from somebody else. My mother offered her gold chargers for me to use, but I wanted to have my own for other occasions throughout the year (I did take her up on using her silverware though).

YouTube video

How to Create Your own Festive Dining Room Table

First you have to decide on a color palette. I chose a baby blue, gold, and silver. I already had a blue Christmas Tree I knew I wanted to use as a centerpiece so it was fairly easy to choose the colors around it. My normal dining room table is round and can fit five people at the most so I needed to come up with another solution. My husband and I both have our own desks which are pretty sturdy. I moved them downstairs—by myself which was a challenge within itself—and set them together. Although the wood desk is an inch wider than my black one, they were the same height which was incredibly lucky. If you have uneven tables, don’t fret. You can find risers at almost any store. Or leave it as is; you don’t have to make it a problem. But I did want a cohesive look between the tables so I purchased a blue table cloth to place under my special snowflake lace ones.

The garland I used was very thin for the simple fact that the desk themselves are thin. If you have a wider table, you can use a garland that allows you to stretch the branches apart. I bought a bucket of gold ornaments which I used for both the table and my own Christmas tree. I bought a couple of candles from the thrift store, but I had many of my own.

Special tip: If you want to give your plain candles a little more pizzaz, look no further than your extra ribbon. Cut with enough length to wrap around the candle and secure it with a couple of dabs of hot glue. Be careful not to burn yourself. Glitter tape works wonders as well!

I spaced out my chargers to make sure my guests had enough room for resting silverware and a wine glass. I didn’t set the silverware because it seemed unnecessary. I put the forks and knives in their own jar on the kitchen counter and it was grabbed as needed. And you won’t use as many dishes which means you’ll have less to clean up. I have two sets of dining room chairs so to make it look a little more cohesive, I dug out some creme chair covers my mother gave me when my husband and I first purchased our house.

And Ta-da!

You’ll have a dining table that will impress your friends and family. Do you have any tips or tricks when decorating your own festive table? Leave them in the comments below.


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Create a Festive Dining Room within Your Budget

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