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What You Need To Do Before Opening An Online T-Shirt Store

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What You Need To Do Before Opening An Online T-Shirt Store

You want to start your own t-shirt business and have no idea where to start. Selling t-shirts online as a first step into entrepreneurship is a great place to start. T-shirts are inexpensive, light-weight, and hold a fashionable appeal due to their customizability. Before opening a store there are many things to go over, however. If you are planning on opening an online t-shirt store, we will tell you what you need to do. 

Identify Your Market

Before you begin, you must understand who you are selling to. Focusing on a specific niche can demonstrate expertise, reduce competition, increase brand exposure, and lead to increased customer engagement.

There are many variables to consider when identifying your key market. Determine the type of clothing you wish to design and which demographic has a stronger retail demand. Will it be t-shirts for children? Matching mother and daughter styles? Or individualized logos for teens?

Once you’ve identified your target market, you will have a better understanding of what to do next.

Design Your Own Brand

Individuality is an asset in the t-shirt business. A plain white t-shirt is a common look and doesn’t set a business apart from any other common plain t-shirt company. Many trademark businesses have reached high levels of success due to the uniqueness of their brand and limited availability of those styles anywhere else but that business.

Think about why you’re opening an online t-shirt store. What about it will benefit your customers? How will it make them feel? What makes your shirt designs different from everyone else? These are all things to think about when creating your hallmark.

An uncommon look is a plus that will make your brand more appealing and desired by your audience. 

Research Your Products

Find a reputable company to source your products from.

High-quality products are a necessity for a successful business. Buying affordable material from a credible vendor will help you stand out among your competitors and give your business raving testimonials from satisfied customers.

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Imagine buying a t-shirt that tore before ever wearing it, or one that came shipped with holes in the fabric. This scenario would most likely result in a lost customer and a negative review. This is a bad start for a blossoming business.

Avoid this situation by conducting thorough research on where your t-shirts will be coming from and what type of reviews the vendor has for quality and professionalism

Plan Out a Budget

Budgeting ensures you will always have money to spend on the things you need. Start-up costs, stocking inventory, and sales costs can easily borrow a hole in your finances. Budgeting will facilitate organization and manage business expenses. An effective budget plan will keep you out of debt or help you pay off any debt accrued beforehand.

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Build a Website

The online world is taking over. More and more businesses are starting online due to the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. Online spending has increased by at least 13% with over a billion earned in revenue.

Customers are likely to return if your website is inviting and user-friendly. Most shoppers have a get in, get out mentality when it comes to shopping. According to Printful, the majority of their orders come through their website. While you may still want to maintain a phone line for “old school” phone orders, the automation of a website can save you time and money as you grow. Creating a systematic online presence with sizing chart guides, varietal t-shirt colors, and an easy to navigate metric will be the formula for a successful t-shirt start-up.


If you start by doing these things, you will have a much easier time opening up your online t-shirt store.

What You Need To Do Before Opening An Online T-Shirt Store

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