How to Spot Fake Designer Sunglasses

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Even though there are a host of different brands of sunglasses out there, the ones that really stand out and are most deserving of your attention for their style and durability are designer sunglasses. These are pricier for a reason, and they are well worth your investment. But there are also plenty of fake designer sunglasses that are made to imitate expensive brands but in a much cheaper package. These sunglasses are likely to not provide you with 100% UV protection, and they are also likely to break.

So how can you spot fake designer sunglasses easily so you can avoid falling victim to all the phonies out there? Check out the tips below.

Check the Logo Closely

When examining any pair of sunglasses, take a look at the logo and label to be sure that it is actually a pair of designer sunglasses rather than a knock-off. Look for a modification within the logo, or even a misspelling in the name. In order to really be able to spot a fake, though, you should study the actual designer logo closely so you will be able to spot even the smallest variations quickly and easily.

Watch Out for “Cosmetic” Sunglasses

“Cosmetic” sunglasses should be avoided because they often do not provide you with the UV protection that your eyes need. You will basically be spending money on a product that is purely for looks but does not have any actual purpose. So if you find sunglasses that are labelled as “cosmetic,” avoid them.

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Take a Close Look at the Construction

Designer sunglasses are built strong, so if you are not shopping online and you have the opportunity to really look closely at a pair of sunglasses and really feel how durable they are, use this as a way to determine if the pair is a knock-off or the real thing. Knock-offs and cheap sunglasses will be quite flimsy and cheap, so do not waste your time or money on them.

Analyse the Packaging

In addition to checking out the item’s logo and label, you also want to analyse the packaging that the sunglasses come in. First off, designer sunglasses will come with a case that shows off the brand name, so if the sunglasses do not come with a case, they are certainly fake. The packaging should also be finely made, often with casing within it, along with tags. If you notice a flimsy or cheap slipcover or even something like a velour sack, beware. Even if the sunglasses appear like the real thing, if the packaging is not right, you should be wary that they are indeed fake.

Purchase from Reputable Sellers

Finally, to be sure that you are purchasing actual designer sunglasses, make it a point to purchase only from reputable sellers, both in stores and online. This is the best way to ensure that you are spending your money wisely and getting the product that you want, whether you are searching for sunglasses from Michael Kors or a pair of Ray-Bans.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you’ll be sure to purchase only the best designer sunglasses every time.


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