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6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Classroom in Your First Teaching Role

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Teaching is among the most rewarding careers. As an educator, you will play a major role in the growth and development of young people. While teaching is generally a great job, you may be anxious when organizing your classroom in your first teaching job.

In this guide, we will look at some tips that can help you create the perfect classroom.

1. Pick the Right Position for Your Desk

The first thing you need to consider when creating the perfect classroom is the position of your desk. In most cases, teachers place the desk at the front of the classroom. However, you may easily end up blocking the students’ view of the board when sitting at the front.

It is also worth noting that less motivated students usually pick seats at the back of the classroom, and placing your desk near them can allow you to monitor their behavior. Teachers who sit at the back also end up getting better engagement from struggling students as they will not have to be in the full view of the entire class.

2. Get Flexible Seating Solutions

Flexible seating allows students to be comfortable while learning

Flexible seating for classrooms can help you optimize the space in your classroom. These seats come with writing surfaces, which eliminates the need for a separate table. Being extremely lightweight, these seats can be moved around when required.

This means the chairs can be arranged in different ways throughout the day. Also, the lightweight nature of these seats makes them ideal for trips or outside lessons.

3. Use the Front Wall Appropriately

Depending on the arrangement of your classroom, your students will constantly be reading the materials on the front wall. Therefore, it is essential to add the most important posters and learning materials to this section. You should consider using the front wall for items like classroom rules and basic information for certain subjects.

While we all want to be teaching in attractive environments, you don’t necessarily need to get Pinterest-worthy posters. A key concern here should be the importance of the posters. Make sure they convey useful information to students, and they should also be easily understandable. Using too many colors or images can make it harder for students to learn from the posters.

4. Declutter the Classroom

Before you start arranging your classroom, it is essential to get rid of elements that are not needed. One way of decluttering your classroom is to keep track of the books in your library. You can monitor your students to determine which books they actually read and enjoy. With this information, you can slowly replace the less popular books.

Declutter your space to make your classroom perfect fot learning

You can also consider adding a donation bin in the class. Anything students no longer need can be placed in the bin for donation or recycling. By decluttering your classroom, you will lower the levels of stress and anxiety among students. Students will also be less distracted when studying in a clutter-free environment.

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5. Organize Your Table

As the teacher, you should ensure that your table is organized at all times. It is always better to keep fewer items on the desk as this creates an appearance of disorganization. Also, students will need to turn in their work, and this requires space on the desk.

It is worth noting that organization takes practice, so you don’t need to get it right the first time. You can also use tools like bulletin boards to add a sense of organization to your classroom.

6. Use Tables and Desks for Student Collaboration

Teaching is known for being one of the most rewarding careers as you get to inspire the next generation. To teach students effectively, it is essential to group them together for collaboration. You can achieve this by arranging the chairs in twos, and this will give you room to walk between the rows of students.

You can also use flexible chairs like these that can be moved around for group sessions. Getting students to work in groups will help them boost their confidence and can motivate them to learn actively.


When preparing for your first teaching role, you will need to create the perfect classroom environment. To do this, you first need to pick the right position for your desk. This could be in front of the class or at the back of the room. You can check the pros and cons of each position to determine which one you prefer. You should also consider getting flexible seats.

With this solution, you will have an easier time organizing students into groups. Another thing you should do is declutter the room, and this involves clearing your table. It is also essential to use the front wall appropriately.

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