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Riding Your Motorcycle 101: What To Do If You Get Injured

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Motorcycle accidents often lead to severe injuries. They can happen at any time since many drivers do not pay enough attention to the road around them and may not see a motorcycle in time to avoid an accident.

When an accident does happen, knowing what to do next can make a huge difference in obtaining the right amount of compensation from the at-fault driver to cover all injuries and damages. 

Get Medical Attention Fast

If you’re injured riding your motorcycle, medical attention is needed right away. Those who feel as if they can walk away from the accident are usually very lucky, but that doesn’t mean they are uninjured.

They may have hidden injuries that aren’t apparent yet or that aren’t severe enough to warrant emergency medical care. It is still important to see a doctor within the next few days to create a paper trail of the injuries and detail everything needed to fully recover from the accident.  

Request a Police Report for the Accident

Call the police to the scene of the accident immediately. The responding officer will note what happened, how the accident occurred, and other details to use in their report.

Getting a police report is essential when you get into a motorcycle accident

The report will also include the name, contact information, and insurance information of everyone involved in the accident as well as details about the vehicles and the visible damage. This accident report can be helpful when filing a claim for compensation, especially if the responding officer is able to determine fault. 

Gather Evidence If Possible

If it’s possible, gather evidence at the scene of the accident by taking photos or videos of the accident scene, the vehicles involved, and the injuries sustained from the crash.

Take as many photos or videos as possible, as there is no such thing as too much evidence. After the accident, it may be possible to get surveillance footage from nearby businesses or witness statements. They can come from anyone who saw the accident happen. 

Organize Expenses From Accident

It’s important to keep everything organized when filing a claim for compensation. Evidence, such as photos and videos, should be backed up online and on a physical drive. This will prevent them from being deleted or lost.

Keep everything organized so that you know that you are getting your full reimbursement

Paperwork from medical care, repair bills, and other related expenses should be carefully organized. It is a good idea to copy these papers to have a backup. Or scan and save them in multiple places online or on the computer. There are numerous ways to organize important papers that can make this step easy. 

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Start Talking to a Lawyer

As soon as possible after the accident, talk to a lawyer about the case and file a claim for compensation. A lawyer will provide help through each step of the claims process.

They will make sure the settlement is large enough to cover all accident-related expenses. It is crucial to have this help to get the maximum settlement possible. And avoid paying for anything out of pocket. 

Make sure you start working on a claim for compensation as soon as possible. Following the steps here can help you collect and organize everything needed. While also gives you a better chance of getting enough compensation to cover all accident-related expenses.

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